Reflecting on your caring side | By: Charlene (Charley) Goddard | | Category: Short Story - Reflections Bookmark and Share

Reflecting on your caring side

My thoughts reflect the words that I say,
You'd think that's true for the whole world around,
Did you think about them while you got your own way?
Do you reflect on the in the love that you've found?
Plummeting to rock bottom; they fall to the ground.

Stop! Work it out for yourself if you can,
They're not your biggest fans!
But who would be?
You say you're life's not fair,
Don't you even care?
It's not the real world you see!

Slow down! Stop rushing around,
Take a glance at the people sleeping on the ground,
Do you want to end up there?
You're secrets exposed, exposed and bare,
How does it feel now?

Who encouraged you to ignore it?
What did you ever have to throw away?
It's their homes and families they've had to forfit,
Maybe they've never even had their own say!
If you're planning to help...

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