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Ahoy There Me Hearties!!

Ahoy there me hearties
There痴 one right ahead
Sharpen your weapons
Again we bring dread

The ship she is quick
But blistering are we
We値l catch her by nightfall
And ours she will be

Lets rape, pillage, plunder
And steal all their gold
From beggars to kings
The young to the old

All belongings be ours
Leave no stone unturned
Any penny to sovereign
Tis this day we致e yearned

We値l torture them all
And chop off their heads
We値l kill them on deck
And asleep in their beds

That will not be all
Not in the least
For we値l find all their food
And cook up a feast

Steal all their cutlery
And melt it to sands
Away with the fuss
We値l eat with our hands

Then party all night
And drink all their soul
Decapitate the living
And watch their heads roll

A splendorous pillage
This night will bring
So ready your weapons
And start to sing

This night be ours
Do not delay
Come to us quick
For this we pray

May resistance be small
But joy touch the moon
Tonight shall be wild
May we see it soon

And when it is done
Away shall we be
Living our lives
As kings of the sea

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