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Walking down the road
I saw a little tree
I went up and touched it
It was as tall as me

Which isn’t super big
But i wouldnt call it small
About the height of elvis
Or a medium sized wall

So right back to the point
I saw a little tree
I went up and touched it
The bark felt all sticky

I suddenly felt pain
Twas shooting through my hand
This pain it was intense
The pain was fricken grand

I looked at my finger
It had turned all red
And you can guess the dirty words
That i would have said

What the hell did that
I went up to the tree
And had a real close look
To see what did bite me

It was an iny tweeny
Tiny little ant
Smaller than a grain of sand
And terribly scant

That tiny little thing
Had hurt me so dam much
I said a few more swear words
To the naughty such and such

The pain now hand spread
My arm was now on fire
It had swollen big and red
The circumstance was dire

I started screaming loud
In agony i did wallow
And now yould be surprised
By the moments that did follow

I started to see things
Like lollies, pools and sky
Like rollercoasters going fast
I asked myself ‘oh why?’
Am i going crazy
I could taste the sweetness now
And then i saw the freakin moon
And over it a cow

I looked at my arm
And i could see right through
I was looking downwards at it
And i could see my shoe!

Bugger, Bum and wack
What it going on?
Then all the grass around me
Burst right into song

We are green we are green
And evil yes we are
We’ll stab you in the foot
And leave a big ol scar

Pain and taste and things
And singing blades of grass
Wot to do wot to do
I have to think real fast

Should i call a doctor
Or should i call my mum
What number is emergency?
I think its 911

To thats the USA
Ours is triple zero
But i left my phone at home
Wot a fricken hero

Then i had a thought
This must just be a dream
So i pinched myself
And again let out a scream

Ok this is for real
This just is not a dream
But it fricken crazy
Im loopy it would seem

Oh there goes an echidna
Riding on a horse
And the horse is talking
And i understand of course

This echidna’s spikey
Its hurting me right now
But i cant complain
See what happened to the cow?

I replied oh yes
Hes up over the moon
There’s no air up there
He surely will die soon

And then i blinked twice
And the horse had disappeared
But where was the echidna
It was as i had feared

It had wedged itself
Deep into my pants
This was torture to the max
I gave a little dance

Get out of my undies
You get out right now
Or ill kick you so hard
Youll end up like the cow

And then the critter left
Left without a trace
And all that did remain
Was undies in his place

Then the lolly taste
It started to wane
and slowly oh but surely
so did too the pain

the moon it too had vanished
and now so too the cow
i was leaving the gagaland
i was leaving now

the hole right though my arm
it had closed right through
and when i looked down
i couldn’t see my shoe

the agony i felt
had come right to a stop
reality came crashing down
and landed with a plop

i could see the world
the wind blew on my face
i thought id gone forever
from this familiar place

i looked down at my finger
and all that did remain
was a tiny, little, small red dot
to remind me of the pain

so next time when we walk
and i see a little tree
ill walk right by it
not touch it now you see

cos on it just could be
something oh so scant
and as small as a grain of sand

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