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Not just a dream

The house was quiet. In fact everything was quiet. It was like the
world was put on mute. Something wasn't right. Everything was just too
quiet for things to be normal.
Downstairs my family was whispering over breakfast. I could barely
hear them. Now I knew something was wrong, usually my family can't
shut up.
I walked into the kitchen slowly.
"Hey Mom, can I borrow the car today?" I asked pouring myself a glass
of O.J.
No answer. She was obviously still mad about last night.
So not fair. It wasn't my fault I got home late from the party. And
it's not like I was driving, Jordan was. If it's anyone's fault it's
Last night it was my friends birthday party. It was a great party, if
my Mom could see how cool it was she wouldn't be so upset. The best
part of last night was when Jordan asked to take me home. Jordan!
I have pined for this boy for about two years and finally he noticed
me last night. If my Mom knew that she would see why I was in the clouds
last night when I got home. I was in such ecstasy that I just walked
right by her. She was really mad though because she didn't even
bother with yelling at me, she just watched me go by in complete silence.
"Fine. I can see you're still mad." I said after I saw that she wasn't
going to talk to me anytime soon.
Still no answer. Well fine. I don't care, I'm in too good of a mood to
let one of my Mothers silent fits bother me.
I'll call Jamie instead. Oh this girl is going to freak when I tell
her who took me home last night.
Her phone rang twice and then her answering machine picked up.
"Hey it's Jamie. Leave a message after the beep."
"Hey Jamie, girl it's Tara. Call me, I have the best news!" I said
and then hung up.
I wonder where she is, Jamie never goes anywhere without me.
All day I waited for her call or for Jordan to call but they didn't.
It was like my phone was broken. And believe me I checked if it was,
every now and then I picked up the reciever to see if it was working
and it was.
I soon drifted off into sleep, I must have been more tired than I
The lights came on fast. Neither of us saw the car, it came out of
nowhere. Everything happened so fast I wasn't sure what had actually
Jordan was laughing hysterically.
"Whoo!" He shouted excitedly." That was fuckin close!" He laughed some
The other car swerved to get out of our way and collided with another
"Oh my god." I said looking back at the collision. I turned to see
if Jordan had seen it too but he still had a mad grin spread across his
"Jordan?" I asked in confusion.
"Whats wrong?" He asked turning to face me.
"Oh-" I could barely get that out. Jordans face was gone, I mean,
half of it was.
Half of his face was bloody and his eye was hanging out of its socket.
I reached for the handle but I was too scared to.
Jordan began to laugh again.
"No!!" I suddenly yelled. I sat up on my bed quickly." It was just
a dream." I said sighing with relief.
Just a dream.
I got up to see if anyone was home. But the house was dark and empty.
Where is everyone?
My Mother's car was in the drive-way but her keys were no where to be
found. She's still mad.
Suddenly I felt a shadow creep over me, it's icy fingers wrapped
around my arms. I yanked away quickly and spun around to see who it
was. Most likely my brother, I thought. But I saw no one.
My house became freezing cold, I could see my breath come out like
"Tara. ." Someone whispered.
"Yeah? Who's there?" I answered nervously.
No one answered.
Ok, I'm out of here. I've seen enough wes craven movies to know that
a dark freezing house that whispers is not a good one to stay in.
I walked over to Jamies house, only a block away. But her house was
empty too.
Then I realized that every house was empty. There were no cars in the
drive-ways nor were there any parked along the side walk. There were
no kids playing outside on the lawns. There was no sign of life at all.
I must be having a nightmare, this can't be possible.
I ran back to my house.
"Tara. ." They whispered again.
"What?" I shouted as I reached my porch." What's going on?"
The voice let out a high pitched cackle.
I ran back into my house and into my room locking the door behind me.
My Mom was sitting on my bed crying.
"Mom? Mom, what's going on?" I asked her.
She didn't answer.
"Mom, c'mon."
It was like I was invisible. She wasn't even looking at me.
My father walked in now.
" You shouldn't be in here." He said to her.
"I can't believe she is gone." She whispered letting my father pull
her off my bed.
"Who? Who's gone?" I asked seeing them walkout.
But they dissapeared, and the house was dark and cold again.
What the hell is going on? ***
"She's not going to make it Sir. ." I heard a man say.
"This is such a tragedy." Another person said.
My whole body ached. My chest was burning and I could hardly breathe.
But for the life of me I couldn't remember what had happened or what
was going on.
"Ok, cover her." They said and I saw a sheet go over my face.
"No,I'm fine." I said uncovering myself and standing up.
But when I turned to look around I saw that I wasn't. There was glass
everywhere, and there were puddles of some kind of dark liquid on the
ground around me.
Someone had gotten into a car accident, that was obvious. There were
cops and paramedics everywhere. But two bodies were already covered
with a white sheet.
I walked over to one of the covered bodies and took a peek at who it
was. I almost dropped when I saw who it was. Jordan.
"Oh my god. ." I whispered taking a step back.
A paramedic was walking over to me.
" What happened here?" I asked her.
But she ignored me and then walked right through me.
I looked down at my hands and saw that they were transluscent.
"I've been trying to tell you." I heard a voice say.
Jordan appeared out of nowhere and stood next to me.
"What happened?" I asked him.
"What do you think?" He said staring down at his body.
"But it can't be." I cried." We went home, you- you took me home."
He shook his head." Nope." Was all he said.
"But I can't be d-gone. I'm only sixteen." Tears streamed down my
cheeks." I'm right here." I said touching my chest." I'm crying, I'm
He shook his head again." Nope."
There was a flash of light and then I woke up.
Immediately I began to pinch myself and touch my covers. It was only a
I try to go back to sleep and soon I feel nothing. And then I realize
I'm dead. . THE END

*As I plunge into the depths of fear,
The water surrounds me and I can't feel my tear.
At first I struggle, but then give in,
For it overwhelms me deep within.
I open my eyes but can't see a thing,
I think to myself,"Oh what this will bring."
Surely not pain, for it won't last that long,
But surely not life, for I am not that strong.
As I drift to the bottom of my hopeless plight,
My eyes have closed and there is nothing in sight.
The images I see are in my head,
Soon I feel nothing and realize I'm dead.*
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