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The Caligate Murder

The Caligate Murder: Written BY, Danielle Evans

The short story-

Chapter 1

It all started when I moved into a small town. I was only seventeen then and my dad found a new job, so of course we had to move to where his new job was. Mom wasn’t to happy about it but the job was enough to help pay for the bills so she went along with it. Jaromiah my little brother was sitting in the back of our mini van watching cartoons and dad was driving with mom sitting next to him and I was sitting behind my annoying four year old brother in the back seat staring out the window, thinking about all my friends, I left behind. The stupid life I had to start all over again, and how I just hated my life right now. I wished that I was back home with my friends I was so happy. Jaromiah’s laughter at the movie he was watching jerked me out of my thoughts. I kicked his seat and told him to be quite, he had a laugh that sounded like a goose litterally. “Margo, be nice to your little brother.” My dad called to me from the front. But dad he…… “Was laughing, at the movie he was watching.” He interrupted. “Margo you need to learn to lighten up a little!” I’ll lighten up a little once we turn around and go back home. You always did have a sense of humor Margo, but seriously you are going to have to deal with it. We are not turning around and that’s final. My mom said. “Of course not, all you care about is dad and Jeremiah!” You don’t care about me, none of you do or we wouldn’t be moving!” “You know what?” Margo stop being selfish and always acting like you’re the victim here I care about you just as much as I do about Jeremiah and your father. Do you think I wanted to leave? Do you honestly think I wanted to quit my job and hightail it out of town? No, I didn’t. But your father needed this job to help out the family and its very selfish of you not to be cheering him on all the way like Jeremiah and I do. Why don’t you act like him? Because, Mom he’s four. Regardless if he’s four or 20, act like him and start being cheerful. Stop, calling me Margo, my name is Margret, you know I hate that and I……. suddenly I was interrupted by gunshots. WHAT THE HELL! My dad yelled as the car swerved off the road, that we were on. The car came to a compleat stop. SHIT! My dad cussed. He climbed out of the car and bent down to check his tires we heard him cussing again. Then he climbed into the van and turned to us we have a flat tire. It was our only tire. It looks like someone dilibertly shot and poped our tire, theres a hole going straight through it.

Chapter 2

WHAT!!?? My mom asked in astonishment. He continued cussing. Do we have a spare? I asked. No, he said he rubbed the back of his sweaty red neck and continued cussing under his breath. “John.” My mom scolded. “Not around the children.” Suddently we were startled by a strange man who just poped his head in our drivers seat window. Ya’ll folks in trouble? He asked with a small grin. The man was weriod looking he had shaggy brown curly hair, a striped blue shirt, a black belt and a white cowboy hat he was wearing blue jeans and brown cowboy boots. His face was long and narrow, and his eyes were crystal blue. Yea, our tires just got poped somehow. My father answered. Do you by any chance have a spare? Naw I don’t recon I have another tire in my back seat he answered. Where ya’ll headed? To Witchita county. Witchita County? Oh, ya’ll are 150 miles away from there. Ya’ll will never make it there before dark. Ya’ll need a place to stay till morning? I know a small town just yander from here, it’s a nice small town I have a tow hook on the back of my truck. I can tow your car there and put a new tire, and ya’ll be good for the next morning. Wha ya’ll think? Sounds great. My dad answered. Thanks. Oh, ya’ll don’t thank me yet. He said with a small grin on his face it ain’t even morning yet. Can you hould on for a sec? My dad asked. Well sure I can. He answered. While ya’ll is talkin im going to hook ya’lls car to the hook. My dad pulled us aside and talked to us in hushed tones. Ok, you gies its only a small dilay to witchita county, we can head out in the morning I am sure this guy has a map he can lend us tomorrow. What do you gies think? Just one night. What ever I muttered under my breath. We didn’t even notice that the strange man was watching us out of the corner of his eyes. Poor lil’ suckers he chuckled under his breath as he hitched up our car to the tow hook. Poor lil’ suckers. Ok ya’ll this fine car of yours is hooked up to the tow hook. Ya’ll ready? Yes sir we answered alright, climb in he said. We climed in and we were once again on the road again. Honey, are you sure that we are supposed to go to Witchitaw county and not some other county? My mom asked in a low voice. “yes, that’s where my boss sent us.” It says so on the cell phone. So, why is ya’ll moving to Witchitaw County? If ya’ll don mind me askin. No, not at all my dad answered. We are moving there, because my job moved there. And I recon your gona get paid more right? Well, my dad chuckled slightly. It will help with the bills if you know what I mean. Yup! I know exactly what you mean. I looked out the window and noticed we had just pulled onto a old dirt road. Where are we going again? I asked. Oh, to an old small abandoned town. Its an awesome town best ever built unfortunately it became abandoned because people wanted to go other places. Its quite sad only me and my friend Bill are the only ones left. What is the small towns name? my mom asked. Curiosity in her voice. Oh, it’s called Winkildale. Nice name. I muttered sarcastically under my breath. We passed an old sign it was a wooden one that had faded black lettering all I saw was “We……..T……..Wit…….. Umm…. I thought you said we were going to a town called Winkildale. “Sure, are.” Why you ask? Uh nothing I just thought the sign back there said welcome to Wit…. that’s all I saw. It was probuly your imagination Margo. Dad said. It was near to nightfall, before we finally arrived to our resting place. It was an old shack that said All Nighters Inn. Ya’ll folks can rest here ill fix yall’s van soon. Thanks. We walked into the inn it was well kept for being abandoned. We went up to our room and set down our stuff. We turned around and found the strange man looking at us im sorry, I don’t think I caught ya’lls name. Oh, sorry. My mom apologized my name is Cindy Caligate. And this is Margret Caligate, Jaromiah and John Caligate. Well, its mighty nice to meet all of ya’ll my name is Jim Henderson. Well ya’ll get some rest ill see ya’ll tomarrow. Thanks. He closed the door. My mom gave our dad a dirty look. What? He asked. “I am so mad at you we could have already been at Witchitaw County! But no now we have to spend the night in an abandoned town in a weriod abandoned inn. You just had to try to take a short cut didn’t you. “Cindy not now.” my dad said. Lets just go to bed. We turned off all the lights and went to bed. I think I dozed for a few seconds until I woke up suddenly and I heard a loud Gunshot. My mom and dad woke up instantly. What was that? I don’t know. I’ll go check it out. Honey, be careful. My mom said sleepily. Ill be right back my dad said. He left. He stepped out and was startled to see a figure by the car. Suddently, Jim stepped out of the shadows and smiled. Well Howdy! Why is you up so late? We heard a noise is everything ok? Well of course. There was no noise I am just here trying to fix your wheel but before I put on the wheel I want to show you a variety of wheels that I have that you can choose from. They are in the shed. Why don’t you come have a look before I put it on for you. Is that ok with you? Ya…… sure. Good. Follow me. He lead him to the shed. Jim opened up the shed door and light came pouring out of the open door. There are some tires in the corner. Go ahead and look at them. “Ok, thanks!” he walked into the shed closely followed by Jim. They are over there in the corner. John looked and saw the tires in the corner. But, he also saw other things and when he realized what he was seeing he got a little scared. There was torture stuff all over, a stretch table. And torturus stuff. He stummbed back in surprise, and he was startled by Jim’s voice it was low and mocking. Whats wrong John? See somethin that scares you? Wha…. What is all this? Ya’ll’s doom! “What?” Suddently, Jim got a metal bat that was hanging on the wall and swang it hard hitting John in the head and nocked him out.

Chapter 3

Arg….. Jim slowly tried to open his eyes but the pain and misery hit him when he tried to move and he licked his parched lips they were caked in his own blood! He was blinded by light. As he slowly begain to focus he heard a scream and saw his daughter laying on a stretch board, completely naked. The stretch board was a metal stretch board it had metal bars going across in diagonaly and lateral. And there was some un-burned wood laying underneath it both her hands and feet were bound and stretched apart so that she was in the shape of an X. M..Margo he whispered weakly. He looked over and saw his wife bound and gaged in the corner. She was naked also and her muffled crys for help made him feel sick. Well, Well if it is the old daddy to the rescue ya’ll sure is in for a treat. That is before I of course kill you. Wh…..why are you doing this? He managed to ask. Oh, just for the fun of it. You sick bastured Margo cried. “Shut up!” Jim walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair and slamed her head hard against the metal that she was laying on. Then he turned to John now watch this. He turned twords her and ran his fingers down her body and she screamed. He slapped her. Leave her alone! John shouted. Shes only a little girl. Jim grabbed a gun that was laying by and walked up to John houlding it to his temple. I am going to enjoy doing this after I am done playing with you gies. Yall is stupid he slapped John to the ground and John lay there helplessly as he watched Jim go to his daughter and play with her. Suddenly, a man stood in the door way. He was rugged looking and he was tall and kinda big he had on a cowboy hat and some black geans his hair was sandy brown and his eyes were green, he looked stupid. “What in Tarnations is going on in here?” please help. Margo managed to cry. Sir, I am going to have to arrest you. I am going to have to arrest you for starting this without……… me. What? Sorry Billy. Its ok that one in the corner looks mighty tasty. Jim stared in horror and watched all of it happen. His head started to swirl and his eyes felt heavy and his whole body felt numb. Then he slowly fainted. “Wake Up!” Jim grabbed John up gruffly. Its your turn its almost daylight. Jim opened his eyes and saw his wife covered in blood and rocking slowly back and forth in the corner and her daughter laying on the table crying. Jim and Billy Grabbed John and threw him against a wooden pole laughing hysterically. Then they said watch this John. Billy grabbed Johns head and forced him to look up. Jim was standing over his wife houlding a gun to her temple, she was for good us, but unfortunately we don’t need her anymore. Say goodbye to ya’lls sweet mother. MOM! No, margo cryed helplessly leave us alone please. Shut up! Jim spat on her. Any last words to her John? Honey I am soo sorry. I am soo sorry. John whispered. To late, hahaha Jim grabbed her head and pulled the trigger. Bam, her head exploded and blood flew everywhere. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Your daughters turn next. This is fun don ya think? Mr. Caligate watch this one. Jim went over to Margo, and lit the fire underneath her. It grew hotter and hotter the metal was starting to burn her she screamed in aginey, then they did something even worse. They started turning the crank and it began pulling her stretching her. She screamed louder and she began to cook. Jim didn’t realize that John who used to be a boys scout back in the day, had just managed to untie himself. Billy was standing there with Jim with his back to him and so he didn’t see John get up. John looked around and saw a small ax hanging on the wall. Then he creeped up behind Billy and slammed the ax straight into his head, he screamed then fell down shaking then he lay still.

Chapter 4-

Wow, you is mighty brave for killing my friend, but I guess your daughter is going to have to wait to die its your turn. Not, if I can help it. John threw the ax and missed Jim. Jim turned around grabbing a pitchfork out of a hay stack and lunged at John. John ducked some of his blows. Whats the matter John? Can’t find any weapon to get to? Jim said mockingly. Jim knocked John down onto the ground and threw the pitchfork, to the side then he grabbed, Johns hair on his head then he kept slamming his head hard on the ground. Blood, poared from Johns head. He moaned and turned his head and saw a gun laying near him that Billy droped onto the ground. He stretched his hands twords it and Jim kepted slaming his head in but he still reached for it. Then Jim pulled out a jagged hunters knife out of his shirt pocket and tried to cut his throut but John punched Jim with all the strangth he could master but Jim kept slaming his head against the ground. John finally got ahould of the gun and pointed it at Jim’s side and fired. Jim screamed and rolled off of him laying on the gound shouting. He tried to get up but he couldn’t. John got up and ran over to his daughter and tried to untie her but her binds were too hot. He looked for some water but couldn’t find any. His daughter was screaming and moving and trying to get away from the hot metal but she couldn’t she was burning alive. He looked feverishly around but he couldn’t find anything she screamed and shouted. Then he ran out and found a big hose and he turned it on then he ran inside and put out the fire. She was screaming and crying in pain. Half her skin was melted off of her. Her back was melted bad. Her face was bloody and her body was black. And she was coffing. Da…d coff coff, da…d I….I….im so sorry. For everything tel…l tell Jeromiha that I… him and that he is a wonderful……. Shhh you can tell him yourself. Your going to be ok. Dad, I am dying. Just tell him I love him and I love you dad. I love….. She coffed and blood came out of her mouth. Then she gasped and then her eyes went lifeless. No, baby no. John Untied her and cradled her in his arms crying hysterically. Then anger rushed through him and he went over to where Jim lay gasping and screaming and he took the gun that he shot Jim with and shot his head clean off. Then he went over to where his wife lay and cryed even more. Oh, honey I am soo sorry I am so sorry. Daddy. A small voice called he looked up tears streaming down his face and saw Jeromiah standing there looking at him. Daddy. He said. Jeromiah. John got up and ran to Jeromiah. And picked him up. Mommy. Sissy he said and pointed to them. Dead? No, honey they are just in a deep sleep. Come on lets go. He grabbed his cell phone and tried to call 911 but it didn’t work then he got a text. We are sorry John we made a mistake its not Witchitaw County its Witicaw county. We will see you and your family soon. John droped the cell phone and took his son to the car. Jeromiah was crying. I want mommy. Mommy isn’t here right now honey. He found his keys laying on the ground and unlocked his car and put Jeromiah in the frount and buckled him then he went back into the barn and found some tools by the tires and he turned around to were Jim lay. He didn’t move. He went over to his car and put on the tire then he started it and drove away from that bloody scene. His car passed by on the oppisit side of him the people honked and shouted it was a huge family they all waved and smiled. As they passed by. He drove away fast.

The Ants go marching one by one horah, hurrah! The ants go marching……the people in the car that passed him was singing he looked back in the mirror and saw their car suddenly stop and I saw a man walk over to their car it was JIM!!!! Ya’ll Folks In Trouble?? He asked with a grin.

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