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The Lake

Looking out over the calm blue waters, I sat contemplating my future.
I was forteen years old and had nothing to do on this summer day, so I
sat watching the waters. This was the prettiest place I have had the
privilege to see. It seemed I was the only person there. The trees
lined the banks as if to form a wall to the outside world. The clouds
rolled over my head threatening a small down pour. It did not bother me.

My life was just begining. I had all the possiblities in th world to become
something. I dreamed of being a great artist. I dreamed I had a family. I never
dreamed I would hurt other people. I sat there staring at the calm blue water
thinking about my future.

I heard off in the distance a voice calling out to me. I guess I should see
what I am needed for, but I had the need to stay and keep sitting on the dock.
The wind blew through my hair as I stood up. In the distance, I saw a small boat
break waves over the lake. I smiled, this is a place for me. In the future
life might not be as peaceful. I could escape here. No phones to answer,
no people demanding of me to be on time, nothing to interupt a persons thoughts here.
I pushed a lone piece on hair out of my face as I heard the voice call out to me again.

"Comming!" I called out. I ran along the wooden dock, up the stairs to my grand-parents.
They were to live at this calm and tranquil place. They were the lucky ones. I would come
and visit here later in my life. Only to visit my grandparent would I be able to come and see
the lake.

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