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Letter Box Pt. 2 (Rewritten and retitled)

Chapter 2
The Park

“Dude, it’s hot as hell.” I moaned, wiping sweat from my forehead. Both April and Julius whined in agreement as we all sat on one of the dry wooden benches in the humid shade of the neighborhood park; a small gated octagon filled with nothing but concrete, a broken swing set, a pissy plastic slide, and rusted monkey bars all crammed on top of one another, just like the everything else in this crappy neighborhood. With our clothes sticking to us like melted chocolate, we all groaned loudly in agonizing boredom. This had to be the worst day of the summer so far. There was literally no air blowing outside. Even in the shade, the sun was roasting us alive, frying everything in sight with an iron scepter. That bum. So, with nothing to do, and with no one outside, we just sat there, watching a flock of pigeons fight over some peanuts.

“Hot ain’t even the word for this, Koby.” April glanced at me, pulling her plain tank top from her chest with the sound of ripping paper, revealing her violet bra strap.

“Nice tits.” Julius chuckled, slowly inching a finger towards her chest


“Don’t play with me boy,” April gritted. “It’s too hot for me to beat you up, and move the hell over!! Why you sittin all on toppa’ me?”

“C’mon, girl,” The dread locked boy began in a smooth voice of confidence, scooting his sweaty body next to hers, twirling two fingers in her short ponytail. “You know you want to.”

“I said MOVE, damn it!” April bellowed, shoving the boy off the bench, kicking him harshly. I exploded with laughter, throwing my head back while slapping my thigh.

“Try somthin else and see how fast I send you to the hospital!! ” she scowled, flopping back on the bench with fury, her arms crossed tightly as if she were squeezing herself. Whoa. I could almost see the smoke rising from her face. Moaning in pain, Julius picked himself up slowly, limping back over to the bench and sat next to me. Though he was in pain, a huge grin of satisfaction was stretched across his face while his beady eyes were glazed over in wonder. An eerie silence fell over the park the next few minutes. A pigeon waddled its way over to our bench, pecking at the ground before tilting its tiny head and cooing for food. I raised an eyebrow, smirking. I wonder how they are surviving in this heat?

“Move, you stupid bird.” I swung my foot at it, causing it to jump and skip away. Julius chuckled to himself.

“Anybody think Terrence comin outside today?” He asked, rolling his head over to the two of us.

“Stop asking. He’s not coming out,” I said, sliding my hands into my pockets. “His bitch-ass aunt’s got him by the balls. I mean, it’s been a whole year! She won’t even let me talk to the dude on the phone. You guys think he got any of our letters?”

“Tried to give one to him last month. Ol’ lady said he wasn’t there. We losin everybody. First Skip, now Terrance…Who next?” April mumbled somberly, her voice drifting away with the sound of a passing truck.

“Don’t think like that,” Julius frowned. "And Koby, you just can't abandon him. What type of friends are you two?"

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