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The Pen

The man always wrote with a pencil, until one day the point had broken. He was then introduced to a utensil he had never before seen. It looked like a pencil, but when he used it to write, it had color. “Blue”, the man cried out in disbelief, “I’m writing in blue”. He looked to the sky and smiled and shouted out, “I write in the same color as the sky.” In shock, the man didn’t know what to write. When holding a pencil, his thoughts were much clearer. As days passed, he started to get comfortable with his new pen. Soon, he couldn’t write enough – day and night, he wrote almost non-stop. He wrote about important things, he wrote about nonsense, he wrote just to write. He just couldn’t get enough of his pen. Then, as all good things come to an end, the day came when the pen wouldn’t write again. Fresh out of ink in the middle of a sentence……….

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