The Watch That Stopped | By: Josh Nicosia | | Category: Short Story - Introspective Bookmark and Share

The Watch That Stopped

Maxim was late for his appointment. He ran between the people on the sidewalk as fast as his chubby legs would let him, knocking down anyone who blocked his way. For the third time he would be late; his boss said it would be the final straw. Upon reaching the front door of his office building, Maxim stole a quick glance at his watch to see just how late he was. The hour hand stood still, as did the minute hand. The seconds had ceased counting and in that moment Maxim felt a calm he thought was inaccessible to him. The door to the office building opened and closed in front of him as people ran this way and that. The briefcase in his hand felt heavy, so he placed it on the sidewalk. Looking around, Maxim thought of all the time he had wasted over the years doing things he hadnít wanted to do. His watch read the same time as it did when he last looked at it. Leaving his briefcase on the sidewalk, Maxim walked to the park, determined to appreciate the time he was not given.
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