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Anatomy of God

Godís body has got a throne
Godís mind has got a chair
Godís mind is Godís glow
Glow is mass having least density
Everything that exists has glow
Glow exists because of Gravitational Force
Godís glow is the eternal space
Godís mind is round and still
It is extremely big but not infinite
Godís body can freely move around
Inside Godís glow
Godís chair is the biggest artificial glow of God

Skies are other artificial glows of God
There are seven skies
Skies are like bubbles
One above the other
From smaller to bigger
The uppermost sky is the biggest
At the connecting points of skies
There are gates of skies
Skies are inside Godís chair
Godís chair is inside Godís mind

Godís body remains at the center of Godís mind
Most of the times
The center point of God is just above paradise
Where Prophet Mohammad met Godís body
On the Night of Ascending (Meraj)

Godís visible glow remains near Her body
Godís invisible glow is at distant places
From Her body
Godís invisible glow is extremely big
Godís visible glow is comparatively
Myriad times smaller
Although it can expand to some extent
When God does not expand Her visible glow
Her body becomes a round thing
When God expands Her visible glow
Her body becomes the most beautiful thing
Godís body has a pimple on Her face
Itís Her beauty spot
Itís the symbol of bad things

Godís body has no sexual organs
Itís the most solid thing
Godís body is made of tiniest particles
Tiniest particles are souls
Owing to Gravity there are some loose particles
On the surface of Godís body
Thatís why She can create things
God is unable to split into two pieces
Because of Gravitational Force

Time exists
Because of change and movement of matters inside Space
From point of view of time God is infinite.

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