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The Terrorist Fulcrum

The Terrorist Fulcrum

Ahmed Shaheen stared directly into the steel blue eyes of the American Stallard, noticing the chiseled lines on his face starting under his cheekbones following down to the top of his chin. He then noticed the angular scar along the front of his chin making a quarter inch wide crease just above the cleft where a piece of shrapnel from a Viet Cong mortar had pierced it forty years before. In contrast was the face of Shaheen small, round with full black beard. The two men stood staring both holding contempt for one another both despising each others ideologies and beliefs knowing one day they may attempt to destroy one another.
But not today, it will be a time of doing business and of forming an unholy alliance.
In the Detroit Harbor Terminal in and old unused and antiquated storage facility Shaheen’s men began bringing down the long rectangular wood boxes and began stacking them up on the floor of the old storage building. Great expense and planning took place to make this scenario happen. Shaheen used his influence with Al Quada to obtain the sophisticated hand held weapons. Shaheen the representative of a Kabul war lord who is continually in combat with United States Forces in Afghanistan. It is Sunday and the Docks are clear of workers at the harbor terminal off of the Detroit river Shaheen’s men had previously bribed the private security guard company officers under the guise of taking inventory of their stored product at the facility. But the boxes did not contain the rugs or imported goods from the middle east they held the hi tech surface to air missiles and the anti armor and rocket propelled grenades. Shaheen told his men to bring a single box of each weapon and open them for viewing.

The crates were brought forward and placed side by side and then opened. Shaheen then summoned Stallard and his subordinate Collins to view the merchandise. Stallard stepped forward and immediately identified the weapon in the first case the French Mistral Manpad with its Tubular Tripod and ominous looking missile and range scope viewing system . A half smile appeared on Stallard’s face knowing that this portable missile system with its hi tech components was probably the best in the world for shooting down aircraft, military or commercial,. The next box contained the Russian made SA-18 portable heat seeking SAM . Stallard though while not as sophisticated as the mistral it was much more portable and no set up of the weapon would be required, fire and dispose and will easily take down a 747 or 737 and you would not have to worry about decoys or jamming frequencies from a commercial air craft. There were 60 cases of each SAM missile. The next box contained rpg launchers the C90-CR (M3) manufactured in Spain these launchers were fitted with VN38-C infrared scope sights for night vision combat. Stallard then viewed the 500 plus incendiary warheads for the C90 that would be used in a night attack to ignite the Strategic oil reserves in Texas and Louisiana and then the 500 plus anti-bunker warheads that would also be used in a night attack at three nuclear generating plants. Shaheen noticed the look in Stallard’s eye a certain glow, as an art expert viewing a fine art gallery. Yes indeed Stallard was an artist, Former major in the 101st airborne division, 327 regiment 2nd battalion , Viet Nam he was an intelligence officer attached to SOG Studies and observation group, MacV military assistance command Viet Nam. Stallard retired a full colonel and became a commander in the Indiana militia and now appointed commander in three combined militias.

He was committed soldier, dedicated trained, he had won three purple hearts, the bronze star and the silver star in Viet Nam in combat in the Asha valley. What would possess a lifer officer with these type of credentials to join and command in the Indiana Militia? He did not take retirement well, he found that world events would pressure him into this ultra right wing extremism. The liberal attitude of the government, and the finality was the Iraq war, American soldiers prosecuted for killing civilians they assumed were terrorists, and when he watched the news one evening and then viewed a commanding General, He served with in Viet Nam Kissing the Kuran and holding it high it finalized his decision to join the Milita. He knew in his mind it was the only way to ever change the government and he made the decision to lead his members in an internal attack on American airports, nuclear facilities and the strategic oil reserves. But now he had to deal with the men he personally despised to obtain the necessary weapons. How did this scenario happen? How did it evolve. Why would two factions that hated each other in any other circumstance would attempt to kill each other meet to find a common goal and deal in weapons.

The meeting of the two factions happened by circumstance and by chance. At Indiana University the previous year the son of militia officer Brent Collins, now standing next to Stallard, was a freshman at IU His dormitory was Ball Resident Hall on the Indianapolis campus across the hall roomed several students from Syria. Timothy Collins spent the first few weeks on campus eyeballing his neighbors across the hall and telling his roommate that “of all the places those sandniggers would have to room” the first month Tim would purposely stare at muhammed Khoury to the point of pushing him in the hall one day when they passed each other saying “ok raghead whats up?” Tim was ready to fight wanting to beat the Sryian student but Khoury grabbed Tim and took him to the floor in a split second Khoury then said “ it would be a stupid decision on your part to push this further, I am going to let you up to not try anything or I will hurt you. “ He then let Tim up and did not verbally retaliate against Tim but just kept an eye on Tim to make sure he didn’t try anything and walked to his room. Tim’s roommate stood and stared his mouth open wide. Khoury was half Tim’s size. Tim was young a bit fanatical , impetuous but intelligent and knew that is was no ordinary Arab student, he is trained and disciplined and did not overreact to the situation. In the weeks to come Tim would pass Khoury in the hall but did not stare at him ominously, his curiosity about the Arab student kept growing. Tim said to his roomate Bill one morning “there is something about that guy he is quiet keeps to himself and never seems to socialize at all.” The day came when he asked Khoury if he could talk to him, Khoury seemed remote at first but then realized it may be a good thing to make peace with Tim and not draw attention to himself. The two men talked they did not become friends but told each other about their backgrounds Tim told Khoury about his belief in the militia and its agenda and Khoury revealed he was there to study engineering. In the weeks and months ahead the two young men felt more at ease with each other and Khoury revealed that he thought that the U.S. was oppressing his country in the support for Israel. Khoury did not reveal that he was a member of one of a dozen terrorist cells working to gather intelligence and if the need be carry out a terrorist attack somewhere in the Midwest. The men talked about weapons, small arms, explosives and the hand held weapons that could do intensive damage. Thus the link to Alquada and the Militia was initiated.

Shaheen said to Stallard “ Are you satisfied with the weapons ?” Stallard nodded yes. Shaheen then said to his men in Arabic, load the weapons in their truck.” when they were loaded Shaheen said to Stallard “ General, our command has been informed and they will meet your forces on the agreed date and on the agreed location.” Stallard replied “yes as agreed.”

The cost of the smuggled in hi tech destructive weapons to the militia? Nothing, nothing monetary the agreement was that representatives from the Alquada Terrorists cells would allowed to observe each attack.
The downing of commercial planes at 6 major American airports, The attack upon the strategic oil reserves
In Texas and Louisiana, and the attacks and take over of three American nuclear power facilities for their destruction and implosion into giant dirty bombs. The truck was loaded the two men Shaheen and Stallard briefly looked at each other knowing each others contempt for one another but knowing the attack date was set and there was no turning back. From the militia perspective, to create and cause nationwide chaos and to capitalize on this situation and attempt a military coup. Al Quada would benefit from the out right terrorism and destruction and impending economic collapse from the attack. Now the two left and went on with their men on their separate ways both knowing that this alliance made in hell would carry out the worst attack on American soil since the Civil War.

© 2008 John J. Yezman

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