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Paradox Possession


Dark angry clouds rolled across the skies that night. Lightnings and deafening thunders violently slashed throughout the horizon and rain poured heavily against the window panes of my sister's dark room. It was a time of dreaded scenes, of catastrophic serenity amidst the forces fighting for existence and domain, as this large black room was a facade for the terrible legacy which my beloved sister must be initiated.
She was lovely.
The moment I entered her room, I could instantly smell the sweet innocent fragrance of lilacs. Her perfume. The walls of her room was all painted in black, heavy drapes of rich navy blue curtains and violet satins adorned the room. The only light was the highly polished quartz chandelier on the high ceiling painted with heaven's constellation images.There was no sign of mirrors. A proof that she belonged to our eccentric heritage. She cannot look at a mirror until her first existence from the Beyond. I stalked past the windows, barely noticing the raging rain outside and sat on the black couch on the farthest corner of the room. I stared at the ancient bed in the middle of the room.
"My is time." I announced after a moment.
Her golden eyes sparkled with fear for what was about to come. She was too young for this, I must admit. But there was no choice. She and I were the only beings left of our kind. At least, she could speak our Old Tongue well enough. Her cat-like golden eyes was one of the marks of familiar heritage. Unblinking. Hypnotizing. The reflection of my own eyes. Only mine were clear gray. She was not ready yet for this. But we must prevail or we will cease to exist.
"Come to me, my sister."
She nodded and slowly rose from the bed, black satin sheets slipped away to reveal her pale naked body beneath its warmth. She politely greeted me and I returned it while I waited for her to come forth and stand still in front of me. "Brother, I am ready."
I regarded her wary eyes and replied above whisper, "We will now begin the Ceremony for the Head." I stood up walked past her, stationed myself directly below the chandelier and closed my eyes. I began the Chant.
She was the Moon Dancer. In intricate movements, she slowly moved around me in circles. I disrobed and put on the fearsome Mask of the Ancient Ceremonies. Gracefully, her hands and sway of hips painted images of ancient ruins. Her alabaster limbs produced rhythmic harmony that reenactment of the stories behind the Chant.
The quartz chandelier glowed brightly and casted off blinding colorful lights on us as the words spilled out of my lips in fervor. My eerie litany continued, phrases from the Old filled our souls as the lights surrounded our circle of treaty. When it was over, I opened my eyes and saw her standing close to me. Her eyes were filled with passion and the power of our domain. But behind such overwhelming power, I sensed her beautiful soul trembling in confusion. Her face was stark white and shocked.
She was being baptized.
"Don't close your mouth." Then I said to assure her, " Do not be afraid, you are safe with me. Keep swallowing and let me come."
"Yes, Brother. We will prevail." Her voice trembled slightly as she sank to her knees before me.
For one long blissful moment, the pulsing forces of power undulated in strong waves, going in and out of our souls, seeking and searching for completion. The ecstasy soared high and in one brilliant climax, we finally merged together as one. She wasn't expecting that much, I thought when I felt her surprise to receive such volume of the first fruit of my rapt attention on her mouth.
When the last of the power faded and her as a vessel had completed its duty, I placed my hand above her head. Smiling down on her, I gently yanked her by the hair and said, "Enough."
Looking intently at her beautiful face, my beloved sister glowed with peace and acceptance. I grimly placed a frozen smile to keep from weeping. At dawn, the treaty will take its price...her death. I walked her to bed and bade her to sleep. But her next words as she lay down against the dark sheets struck my heart in anguish.
"Brother," her sweet innocent voice suddenly solemn, "Take possession of my body after my death. Only once and my body must take the most intimate physical merging with a man. That is my condition or I will not return to you. I will entrust you to do that." When I remained silent, she urged me once more. "Promise me."

I was speechless for a moment. So this was her condition. No revenge or sacrifice. No calamity or charity giving. Only the sweetest and naive wish of them all. Morality was not above the code of the Oath. But this was the hardest of them all. "Yes, I will."

And on her deathbed, I sang the Old lore of our family until she closed her eyes. Warmth retreated slowly from her body and coldness engulfed me. I glanced at the windows and saw the faint lights of morning. She was dead. I must live up to my promise before I bury her. I must be hers completely. I am the Head of Chants.
She was a divined prodigy.
I joined her in bed and lie beside her cold body. I closed my eyes and my hands drifted toward her untouched raelms. Today, at dawn, she must be mine. Gently I searched her feminine secrets, explored the soft contours of her flesh and my lips following the pleasure-filled intoxication. My heart celebrated with the unique passion beyond comparison, yet i was also filled with terrible sadness of such early distruption of her fate.

I parted her thighs and opened her to me. I slowly melt inside her. I pushed, held, shoved and pulled back, pushed, shoved, held and pulled. I shoved and shoved, shoved and shoved. I shouted with unexplained joy when my completion came. Panting heavily, I looked upon her still face and kissed her lips.
"Come back to me, Sister. I've done my Oath. I will miss you." I whispered to her ear.

When days after days came to pass and months replaced them that turned to a year, I had waited for her to come back. I secretly buried her in the nearest cemetery, her grave unmarked. Her body was completely untouched with any treatment and I only dressed her in pure white gown which she had chosen for this Waiting. I've waited and waited. There were times that nightmares of her never coming back filled me. But I was hoping.One clear full moon night, I heard the chimes of the great doors rang. Nobody visits our fortress. I ran past the hallways of our mansion to greet the unexpected guest. The butler announced her name and she stepped inside. Gazed at her lovely face, her pristine white gown following the curves of her body. She smiled and waited for my embrace. I tumbled in her arms and gazed at her sparkling golden eyes once again. The Forces of the Beyond were all there for me to see. She opened her mouth and and reached for me. At last, the full circle of the Treaty of Chants was complete... then, we shared the kiss of the Beyond's powers.

She was the Vessel of Existence. And she came back.
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