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My love

Everytime i see her
deep in my eyes;
It makes me go crazy
and i feel very unwise.

I loose all my senses
and behave like a mad;
But as soon as she goes away
i feel very sad.

She has a lovely face
and makes tremendous style;
But turns her face away
whenever i give her a smile.

No one knew how i felt
like a pond without any dove;
But there was no one to tell me
that i m unwell and i am in love.

I had a very diffrent thoughts
and it was a difirent feeling altogather;
But no one else other other than she
could give me relief and make me better.

She was a very beautiful girl
famous for her attitude;
And i was a call center boy
and every one called me dude.

It was on 12th october
when i knew it was her birthday;
I tried to give her a gift
but she told " dont repeat it from today".

My heart was filled with sorrow
and tears from my eyes fell;
It was my worst day on the earth
and i felt like i was in hell.

From that day i stopped seeing her
and she ignored me anyway;
But it was impossible for my heart
to ignore her and throw her away.

For me every door was closed
in my dreams was her face;
I wish she starts loving me
by any means through god"s grace....!!!!!!!
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