Things are not looking up in the USA | By: Oreo Batard | | Category: Short Story - Hip Hop Bookmark and Share

Things are not looking up in the USA

economy bad
money don't buy much
banks going under
foreclosures on
national debt
going up
food shortages
not enough jobs
to go a round
war going on
wall street not doing well
an election coming up
immigrant workers
going back to Mexico
can't get a budget passed
hard times are a coming
to California and the USA
gasoline will go back up
as soon as the election is over
politics as usual will go on
and nothing constructive
will get done
we'll get change alright
but will we like it?
the odds are very good
that we won't
no matter who wins
the election,
the country will lose
there is no one running
that we can count on!
I guess I will write
someone in on my ballot
but I know that person won't win
but it is better than voting for
a real loser

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