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Our Love Connects

©Copyright - Lyrics by Jeannette Gardner –
Music by Jeannette Gardner & Rick Ivanoff
(February, 2004)


It was magic, when the stars lit up the sky
We felt the sparks, saw the fire in our eyes
It had to be fate, ‘cause it just seemed so right
We fell in love, our dreams came true that night

Somehow we knew, we were two of a kind
Someone to trust, was so hard to find
This love we feel, is different from the rest
A match made in heaven, we were chosen as the best


Our love connects, it was written in the stars
It’s in our souls, and feel it in our hearts
Our love connects, it’s real like a precious stone
Our search is over, finding true love we’ve never known


When we’re apart, we long for a hug and kiss
‘Cause we’ve never been, in love like this
Searching the universe, lead us to our soulmates
We’ll be there for each other, for the journey it will take

CHORUS: (above)


No more heartaches to go through
We found someone to hold on too
You and I were meant to be
We have found our destiny

CHORUS: (above)

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