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This story which I am about to share with you is the true account of the "contact" with the spirit of Marialuisa Lota. This took place in an upstairs room of the home of a noted spiritual medium named "Lady" Amelia Mamayan. She is located in the city of Ormoc in Leyte Province located on the Visayan island of that same name. After the first apparition of Marialuisa Lota in which the two little Bastidas boys had witnessed on that early evening 5 months earlier, filipino movie actor Chris Deleon was very interested in somehow trying to make contact with spirits. At first he was a skeptic of this type of practice as his former belief was the same as mine and that is "These things just don't occur in this day and age which is almost the 21st century but nevertheless, can it still be true that even now as we approach the 21st century that the spirit world is still in existence and the spirits still try to contact us and can they be contacted also? This was the main topic of his third letter to me dated August 31 1999.I was away on active duty with the U S Navy on a special assignment working in the personnel office at the Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training Command in Illinois when this next event had occured in the Philippines. When I returned back home to Potsdam, NY in mid September of that same year, my ex-wife along with her new "boyfriend" were cleaning up around our old mobile home which she was about to sell off. When I arrived at the trailer on that Friday afternoon, Mariamelda and Brian Oshea saw me drive in and then both of them became curious and even shocked as to why I was back home after four months. It was here that she(Mariamelda) asked me to come in to the now empty trailer because she had a letter for me that was mailed to that address a week or so earlier. It was a letter from actor Chris Deleon. In his letter he accounts that "I was living in extreme guilt ever since I saw Marialuisa vanish that night while lying up there in the arms of that "tiki" statue and I have been blaming myself for why I had let things get so far out of hand to the point where I had fallen so deeply in love with her while I was still married to my present wife. I guess I shoud have known that sooner or later that it would eventually become known of the affair between Luisa & I but what could I do? I am just an ordinary man and any ordinary man would not be able to help himself when it came to falling in love with a filipina girl who was as sweet and as beautiful as Marialuisa Lota was. In the months following what had happened back in October, I wanted to somehow be able to return to those earlier times back in 1996 or 1997 and tell Luisa that I was married and just to wait until I could get my present marriage annulled so there would have been no doubt or guilt that I had to hide from her which was eventually found out. Then in April, I read of the account by the Bastidas Family about what their two sons had seen on that same pathway into Sacrifice Valley where we followed Luisa down on that October night when she was "summoned." In the last five months, I've been interested in this subject of spiritual mediums and I've taken an interest in the practice of contact with the afterworld. I had and still have my doubts about this practice as it and has been known to be fake sometimes. People have been known to use artificial means such as hidden video cameras, tape recordings, and even employing the talents of a ventriliquist into bribing people into actually believing that they have actually made contact with those departed ones. In late July I recieved a letter from a friend of mine who lived in the city of Ormoc, in Leyte Island. He told me of this spiritual medium who is known to actually have contacted the spirits of departed loved ones and have been known to be able to actually make contact with any dead person. Well at first, I had my doubts about this as I mentioned earlier but my friend along with his family told me that she is actual and not a fake. They have never proven that this medium uses any artificial means to fooling people into thinking that she has made contact rather its been proven that she has the power to open up the door between the living & the dead. Her name is "Lady Mamayan". She lives right in Ormoc, Leyte Province and I'm considering taking some time off from Regal Picture Producers and going down to Visayas and finding out for myself if this "Lady Mamayan" is for real or is she another "fake" On Saturday, August 21, I departed Manila and took a commuter flight to Cebu City where I then went by ferry to the port city of Ormoc. at first I was in doubt as to actually meeting Lady Mamayan as I knew nothing more about her than her name. When I arrived in Ormoc on the afternoon of Monday August 23, I had to ask people about how I could get in touch with Lady Mamayan. At first no one would say anything or even knew where she was located in this city but I finally came across an old man sitting on a bench in the main square next to the market place. he told me that she(Lady Mamayan) does not advertise about herself because she does not want to be well known for fear of being ridiculed or even physically harmed in any way but he neverthless knew of where she was and how I should try to get in touch with her. He showed me down a long narrow street in a crowded section of the city and then we came upon a small fish & grocery market which had a two-story house right over it. This is where he said that Lady Mamayan was living at. I went into that grocery store and asked about this woman named "Lady Mamayan". The woman, behind the counter with all of the fresh fish, who talked to me was afraid at first because she did not know who I was but then she told me that she(Lady Mamayan) was her older sister! I told her that I was here because I had a personal question to ask her. Again the woman who talked to me was afraid & hesitated but then she eventually said to follow her into the hallway and up a long & narrow stairway to where they lived as this "Lady Mamayan" would be informed of who I was and why I was here to see her. I followed her up to their small three bedroom apartment located above the grocery store. When I walked in, She introduced me to her older sister. Her name was Amelia Mamayan or Lady Mamayan. She had to be at least 70 years old and she always wore a red head band around her head. She said that it helped to keep the many flies off of her head because flies seemed to weaken her power to concentrate. After we had a chance to talk and get more aquainted, she told me that she does not attempt to make contact with the spiritual world all that often but then when she feels what she refered to as an "aura" or presence of an opening to the other world than she says that this is the best time to make this contact and even then, she cannot do this for every person because this "aura" does not always exist. I then told her about what had happened to my life and whom I was involved with. She then told me that she had heard something about a girl named Marialuisa Lota but she did not know too much more except what she had heard from relatives and friends who lived in the Bicol Region where Luisa was well known. As I continued to talk more about Luisa to Lady Mamayan, she seemed to think that she could feel that there was something very unusual about her(Luisa). I told her that she(Luisa) had been known for her exceptional beauty as well as her loving personality and then I told her about the rumors which I had heard off & on over the years about Luisa. Lady Mamayan then said that the folklore rumors which she said to have heard about her was that she(Luisa) had some kind of an unusual "charm" that effected people. Rumors had it that people claim to have seen something appear in her eyes at times whenever she was very happy and when it appeared, they say it had a sudden effect on them as if it was a "starlight" in her eyes from heaven because they say that it filled people with love. Well I did not want to go too deep into this subject just yet but I then went on to say how I got acquainted with her and how I gotten so involved into the point where we had both fallen in love and we were planning on marriage. Lady Mamayan then became very interested in what I had to say. I then told her about what was involved between Luisa & I and who her mother (& father) were. I then told her about some of the events of that final week of October of last year such as the scene in the mall between Luisa, her sister Juvy, her mother Mariamelda, You, Rick and myself and how we had to break up what looked like a physical confrontation between Luisa, Juvy & her mother. Then she(Lady Mamayan) said that she somehow could sense from what I was saying that Luisa was "falling in love" with more that one man. She told me that she could sense that Luisa was "in love" with the man whom they said was the former husband of her mother, Mariamelda. I asked why? She would not say but she (Lady Mamayan) felt that somehow, this other man wanted so much to see that she(Luisa) would have a life of abundance as well as would always be laughing & happy and could tell that he would do anything he possibly could to see that she recieved everything that she wanted and whenever she wanted it. Lady Mamayan then told me that she "sensed" that this American man named Richard was also deeply in love with her(Luisa.) I just stood there somewhat surprised but then again, I could not hold anything against him for secretly being in love with her(Luisa)also. Then I told her of what eventually had happened to Luisa. It was here that Lady Mamayan instantly knew what had happened to her and where she went and why. She also knew just exactly what had happened to Luisa after she was taken that night by "Tapuyan" as she had heard other horror stories about him seizing other women. Lady Mamayan then told me that Luisa was in some type of an unearthly prison in the eerie world of Tapuyan where she was being sexually "tortured" and raped continuously because she was in love with two men and not with "Tapuyan!" "Why" I asked "There are a lot of young girls who have been known to have fallen in love with more than one man at the same time." Lady Mamayan then said that Luisa was a very special girl in more ways than just beauty. It was believed that she (Luisa) was actually Tapuyan's chosen one for his bride and she did not want him. Another story about Marialuisa was that she was really an angel sent here from Heaven on a special mission and when her Aunt & mother did what they did to hurt her by showing her the picture of you lying in bed with the woman that you were supposed to be no longer seeing along with the marriage contract between you & your wife as well as the divorce settlement between Richard and her mother. This caused a tremendous hurt to Luisa and this in turn was just the opening for the kamatayan named "Tapuyan" to summon her and seize her before she herself even knew what was happening to her(Luisa.)Then I asked Lady Mamayan if she would be able to make contact with Luisa because I want to tell her the truth about everything especially my marriage to my former wife along with that picture which was claimed to have been shown of me and my former wife "in bed" together. I want to explain to Luisa the truth that that was a faked picture which Mariamelda & Encar had cut out of a magazine just to hurt her and I. Lady Mamayan then told me that she could feel that Luisa may be able to be contacted but to come back later on tonight. For the rest of that day I stayed over at my hotel room and tried to think up just exactly what I was going to say to Luisa's spirit if & when Lady Mamayan would make contact with her. At 8:30 PM, I left my hotel room and had a quick late supper before taking a tricycle back over to where Lady Mamayan's home was. As I walked back up the stairs to where she lived, she immedately invited me in as there was one other person who wanted to find out more about the mysterious destiny of this spirit whom was once known as "Miss Bicol Province." Lady Mamayan then showed us into a spacious room which had a round table in the middle. Two windows on the front wall had thick curtains on them and were drawn completely closed so no light from the outside street would be able to shine in. Lady Mamayan then fastened her head band a little tighter around her head and then she brought out three candles and placed them in the center of the table. She then asked me (Chris) to sit right across from her as well as the other woman who was from Bicol who wanted to see if Luisa's spirit would come. We then darkened the lights as the candles were lit as she made sure that there were no windows open or any fans were on in the room. Lady Mamayan then asked us all to relax and join hands as she would now try to call on the spirit of Marialuisa Lota. Her words went like this, "Marialuisa Lota, Marialuisa Lota, If you can hear us will you come here to us. Please Luisa come here to us." Lady Mamayan repeated her call to the spirit world in her soft & gentle voice as we sat around and listened. She asked her again a couple of more times and then just as I was about to say that this was just another "act", I began to feel something! I began to feel a strange & chilly feeling as if there now was a cool breeze coming into the closed room. I then saw the curtains on the windows begin to gently wave as if this "breeze" was blowing at them. The candle flames also began to shimmer in this mysterious breeze! I had to remind myself that there was no fan or open window here. Lady Mamayan then began to ask if Marialuisa was here. Then as if her voice had suddenly changed from the low melodious voice of a 70 year old lady to the familiar young pretty voice of the 22 year old filipino beauty queen. The voice now said, "OO" (Yes" I am here. I am Marialuisa. Why do you call me?" Lady Mamayan's normal voice asked her "Luisa We have called you because Chris is here and he wants to tell you the truth about what had happened on that night back in October." "Luisa's spirit said, "What does he want to say to me?" Then I asked her "Luisa What happened to you on that night last October in Sacrifice Valley?" Luisa then said, "I was called! I was called" I asked, " By whom?" She then answered, " By Tapuyan" I asked, "Who is Tapuyan? She said "He's a kamatayan!" Then I asked Luisa, What had happened to her when she was "taken" She then started to scream & cry, "HE RAPED ME! HE RAPED ME! HE RAPED ME SO HARD! I WAS SCREAMING! I WAS SCREAMING! BUT I WAS ALONE WITH HIM IN THIS HORRIBLE PLACE! HE ORDERED ME TO TAKE OFF ALL OF MY CLOTHES! I WAS TOTALLY NAKED IN FRONT OF HIM AND THEN HE CARRIED ME IN HIS ARMS! I BEGGED HIM PLEASE! PLEASE LET ME GO HOME I COULD NOT GET AWAY FROM HIS HORRIBLE PLACE! IT WAS SO DARK! HE WAS SO BIG & UGLY AND THEN HE RAPED ME! Then Lady Mamayan asked why she had listened to his voice and went off to Sacrifice Valley in the middle of the night. It was here that Luisa's spirit voice broke out into uncontrollable crying.. "BECAUSE YOU HURT ME!YOU HURRRRRT MEEE! YOU HURT ME! YOU ALL HURT ME SO BAD! MAMA SHOWED ME A PICTURE OF YOU WITH ANOTHER GIRL IN BED MAKING LOVE! YOU ARE SO NASTY! YOU ARE ALL LIARS! Luisa's voice continued to be an uncontrollable series of sobs & crying. "YOU AND I WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED I WANTED TO BE YOUR WIFE AND YOU DID THIS TO ME! YOU ARE ALL LIARS!YOU ARE ALL DEVILS TOO! YOU ALL WANTED ME TO END UP THERE IN THAT PLACE!" I felt helpless as well as guilty now as I said to her that those picture was some fake picture which Maria & Encar had cut out of some magazine and the couple there looked like my wife & I but then Luisa again screamed as she cried, "NO FAKE! NO FAKE! THAT PICTURE WAS NO FAKE BUT WHAT WAS FAKE WAS YOUR LOVE FOR ME! YOU NEVER LOVED ME YOU WERE ONLY USING ME!" I just could not talk to her anymore as it would not make any more point to try to explain to her what really had happened so I did not say anymore. Then Luisa asked about me(Rick) as her voice seemed more relaxed & gentle, "Where is my Papa Rick now?" I(Chris) told her,"Luisa, Rick has gone back to America. He had another tragedy in his life in January. His father had died from cancer." Luisa answered, "I know he did because I was here when he arrived. He is now a very handsome man! He & I will watch over him as he lives his life and we will be here to hug him when he comes to heaven someday. Please tell my Papa Rick not to cry and do not give up hope because we'll all be here together some day." Then I asked Luisa if that was really her who had appeared to two boys who were playing near the pathway back in March. She said "Yes! Yes! That was me! I had to tell her that they saw that you were crying." Again Luisa began to cry as she explained why she appeared to the two Bastidas boys, "I just wanted to show them how beautiful I am and yet I am crying for what you all had done to me." Then just as I was about to ask more questions to her, Luisa's voice began to fade away as if she was drifting off into the distance but I heard her say one last thing before her voice completely faded away into the normal voice of Lady Mamayan and that was that she would come to her Papa Rick along with other people in their dreams. She promised that she would give them a gentle kiss on the lips in their sleep and even appear in their dream to them. Then she was gone as the normal voice of Lady Mamayan returned as the seanse had ended. The next day, I had to return back to Manila. To this day Luisa has not been seen or heard.
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