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This is the account by two small filipino boys of the "glowing apparition" which both of then had witnessed just after sunset when the two boys were playing on the pathway which lead down into that mysterious Sacrifice Valley. It was about 6:00PM as the tropical sun had just set. Seven year old Jun Bastidas along with his older brother Emanuel were playing "hide -n- seek" on that open area where the pathway leading to Sacrifice Valley began. Jun & his older brother were celebrating their last day of school as summer vacation had now just begun for them earlier that day. Jun told his brother in Tagalog to cover up his face while he would run and hide. Emanuel ran over to the nearest tree, covered his face and counted to ten while Jun ran off to hide. He decided to make this a little more of a challenging contest for his brother as he decided to go a little ways down the pathway where he would hide amongst the tall elephant leaves. He carefully walked down over the rocky steps and hid in the thickest patch of leaves and grasses.Jun then yelled "ready" as Emanuel started to look for him. When he could not find his little brother crouching down anywhere near the thatched roofed picnic huts, he then walked over to where the pathway began. By now the sun had long set and it was getting dark quickly in the jungle. Emanuel kept looking in and around the trees, the bushes, and in through the tall elephant grasses but he still could not find his younger brother. Meanwhile Jun was crouched down on his stomach in a thick grove of elephant & banana leaves which from where he was crouching down, he could see deeper down into the jungle. It was very dark where he was looking. Jun continued to crouch down while his brother walked by a few times as he continued to search for him but then when Jun looked up again to see if his brother was anywhere nearby when his eyes immediately caught sight of something way off down in the jungle towards Sacrifice Valley. It appeared to be a strange "fuzzy" white cloud of light. Being just a little boy he first thought that it was just a fog forming or even some of his other playmates who may have been down deeper in the jungle and so he kept hiding away from Emanuel as he again walked by but still did not see him. Jun then looked again at this white light which shined with a strange glow from further down in the jungle and it seemed to be moving slowly. Getting curious now, Jun stood up as his older brother saw him and said "Ha I found you! but Emanuel immediately saw that Jun was interested in something he was seeing off in the distance. He asked, "Ano ang light a doon na sa jungle? Jun what is that "light" you are looking at way off in the jungle?" as he too could now see it. Hinde ko alam ( I dont know but I'm interested to see just what it is because no one is supposed to be down here after dark. Siguena, Jun Its probably just some fireflies or something. "Hoy! Halikana" ( Hey! come on! lets go!You know that we are not supposed to be here after dark!" "Hinde! Hinde ng fireflies a doon!" No!" No! That is not fireflies, It's something else. Lets go down there and get a closer look." Both boys then slowly walked down the pathway as they approached this strange light. It seemed to be just standing there now totally still. Then when they had gotten closer to it, both boys could not believe their eyes! For there right in front of them, stood a beautiful young filipina lady dressed in a long white Mariaclara gown! She had to be about 20 years old. She had a bouquet of bulaklak flowers affixed to the side of her head( like a Hawaiian girl only much more beautiful!) Both boys then saw that her eyes shined just like the brightest stars in the night sky! She had long, thick, shiny, black hair which extended all the way down to her waist, She then saw us looking at her and held out both her arms as if she wanted us to come up to her and embrace us with a hug but then we both could see that tears were streaming down her face. She was crying! Suddenly she disappeared into that "fuzzy" & pale cloud of white light which then faded away off into the darkness of the jungle. We were now frightened by what we had just seen and ran home to tell our parents as we thought that someone had come to take us away to Heaven! Sesabeko sa nanay at sa tatay ng vision a doon sa Sacrifice Valley( When we told both our mother & father of what we had seen down there in Sacrifice Valley, they did not laugh at us but rather they both quickly ran to the "Eye of God" along with the Santo Nino and lit a candle then fell down on our knees and prayed. We were told that an angel had appeared to us. From then on, we were too afraid to go back to that pathway again after sunset.
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