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(CONTINUED FROM PART ONE) Manoy went on "They worshipped a pagan God whom they refered by the name of "Tapuyan" It was here near the sight of their village that they erected a stone image of "Tapuyan" This statue is known as a "Tikiyan" or "Tiki." As these people sailed throughout the Pacific Ocean and off to other islands they erected other images to their God "Tapuyan" which you know them as "Tiki" statues. Tapuyan was a loving and gentle God who only asked for a food offering from his people. This went on for centuries. One year a major crop failure had taken place and the natives were not able to offer "Tapuyan" his food offering, This in turn made him angry. For their punishment, He asked for a human sacrifice. He then wanted a young maiden. Again the natives refused to kill one of their young maidens. This is turn made him even more angry now. It is believed that he levied an evil curse upon them all as they all mysteriously died by some kind of catastrophy. I'm not sure just what it was that killed them all but they say it may have been a volcanic eruption, a typhoon, or a major earthquake. This ancient curse is believed to still be in existence to this very day. Several unexplainable occurances have been known to have occured their in what we now call Sacrifice Valley. People claim to have seem the "Face of Jesus" Others claim to have been cured of what they thought was an incurable disease. Guys, Sacrifice Valley is a place of prayer and is where you go to ask for forgiveness from the Lord but at night its known for its mysterious happenings, sightings, and at times it was reported that someone had seen the face of the "kamatayan." Other people too have mysteriously vanished there. The first case of a missing person occured back in 1958 when a lady had wandered off from her group during a prayer service and she never returned. Nothing was ever seen or heard from her again. The next case of a missing person involved a filipina lady named Amelia Fuentes. She was the victim of a cruel, drunken husband and one night back in 1963 and had run off. It was reported that they eventually had found a coat that she was wearing. It was found along that same pathway that we took when we followed Luisa just the other night and now the case of Marialuisa Lota." Manoy then asked if we had any questions at this point as he had pretty much "summed up" what he had found out. Chris had the first question of the lecture for him. " Manoy, From what you had found out about those people who actually disappeared there in Sacrifice Valley, What can you tell us as to where do they go to? It is some sort of a "heaven" or is it a place of suffering?" Manoy then replied, " There is really no way to say exactly what happens to these people that have been "taken" but the belief is that they have been taken to a dark & eerie world which is dominated by Tapuyan. So that is where Marialuisa was taken to also right? "Absolutely!" He then replied. Rogelio then asked, " Manoy, Will these people who have been taken by this God Tapuyan ever come back, including my niece?" He then answered, " Perhaps but they will not be the same as you saw them when they were taken. They will look more like a God or Goddess but if Luisa should ever return, you will tell that she is more like an angel. She will not just be an ordinary person! She will actually have a beauty which is that of light! "Are you serious?" I remarked. "Yes" He answered. For a moment or two we just sat there and pondered over what we should ask next. Chris, Rogelio & I discussed among ourselves what was next that we should ask. Although I was a liitle shy to ask this one question, I nevertheless felt as though it should be addressed and that was why did Luisa removed all of her clothes amd stand there totally naked before she climbed up on the "Tiki?" Manoy's answer to that was this, " Luisa was under the power of Tapuyan's control from the moment she heard his voice in the garden of the backyard of where she lived. He commanded her to dress up in her formal Mariaclara gown, necklace, flowers, etc as he wanted her as his "wife." I voiced up, "You mean he wanted her for his "sexual slave" right? "Well most likely!" He answered. Manoy then continued on, " When Luisa was summoned to come to Sacrifice Valley, she was so deep under his control that the only voice she could hear was his(Tapuyan's.)Now we all do recall that when she stood in front of the tiki that she raised her arms above her head. That is in her drugged state of mind, she gave herself to him just as a wife "submits" herself to her husband. "So Manoy, From what you found out then is it "safe to assume" that Luisa "married" Tapuyan? He replied, "Well I would not call it "marrying" him but the best word here most likely is "forced sexual submission" to him in other words she was raped by him!.We've got to understand here that Luisa was totally helpless. She was completely under his domination. When we saw her vanish and he had gotten her, we will never know exactly what he had done to her both physically or sexually! "This God, Tapuyan sounds more like a ruthless devil to me! He wanted her simply for his sexual pleasure and then when he was finished he "vaporized" her! Chris remarked. "It is most likely that is what had occured here." Manoy replied. Rogelio then asked, "Why my niece? Why Luisa?" Manoy's final answer to that was, "Because when Luisa was so hurt by whomever did what they did to her, he(Tapuyan) saw that she was his solution to his endless "need" for a beautiful woman and we all remember just how beautiful Marialuisa was! He could see that Luisa was so helpless because she was "drugged" which her roommate Josie had seen the open bottle of pills lying on the kitchen floor when she first walked into their apartment that night, Tapuyan now saw that she was mentally helpless and so he took control of her and commanded her to come to Sacrifice Valley where he could get her!. She was just so emotionally destroyed as well as under the influence of the drugs that she had no way to resist him! Manoy then ended his presentation with these final words, " Guys, Luisa wants to come back into this world but she cannot now. "Why?" I asked, "He replied, Because as I mentioned before, Tapuyan vaporized Luisa after he used her just as we believe he did to Amelia Fuentes in 1963 and the woman that disappeared back in 1958. I had one final question for Manoy as it was getting late in the evening and that was this, " Manoy, You said earlier that these persons who were "abducted" by Tapuyan may return someday. How will they be able to return if they do not have any more physical bodies? After all now they are no more than spirits!" He then said, Richard Do you ever recall hearing a story about the appearance of a "whitelady" It is a well believed story about a phantom appearing at night in the jungles here. It is quite well known here in the Philippines. You will see Luisa again as I said earlier but she will be in the form of a goddess or an angel but you will immediately recognize her. She may even want you to come to her but do not get too close or touch her!" Why?" I asked, "Because she does not belong to this world anymore and she may take you with her!" He answered. I then replied, " Manoy if I see her, I may not be able to resist wanting to kiss her because I love her so much!" "He then warned me, "Richard, No! Because if you do that, she will take you! you will die & be vaporized instantly just like she was!" Richard, Its better for you to leave this country and return to America and just get on with your life back there." I hesistated for a moment longer before asking, "Manoy, How can I not be sure that Luisa may suddenly appear to me at night back home in America?" He answered, " Well she just might because she loves you but she will only appear to you in dreams but she cannot take you like she can here if you ever see her in Sacrifice Valley." Well on that word, we all thought that Manoy had pretty much answered everything there was to ask. The time was 10:30PM My Northwest Flight was scheduled to leave Manila for Honolulu at midnight so I thought that I was packed and ready to make the run to Ninoy Aquino Airport as we now would be getting there right on a tight rope between getting out of the Philippines and getting held here by the police. The time was now just before 11:00PM, I had everything packed in m,y suitcases when Chris met me out in front of the main entrance of the mansion. Then his parents & uncle drove up with the limosene and we all got in just as it began to rain. We slowly pulled out away from the mansion as I turned back to get one last look of this beautiful estate before we drove through the main gate and down the long driveway which lead through a grove of cocnut trees before merging out onto the main highway here in Cavite City. The ride to the airport was sad as this was my final farewell to this country where I had once married a once wonderful filipino wife and had seen her beautiful filipino daugher. As we continued driving along and through the narrow streets of Manila, I told myself that those streets would be dangerous to me now because of my being wanted on a murder suspect case but the ultimate test was about to come. At that very moment back in Paco, with tears in their eyes, Michael, Juvy, Maria, Encar along with Manila Srgnt. Gabby Concepcion were talking over every possible reason as to why Chris or I would want to see Luisa dead. One reason was that they assumed that I was in revenge for our recent divorce, another reason was that Chris had been caught by his current wife in an extra marital affair with the 22 year old cover model.etc. Then they had recieved word that I was on my way back to America tonight! They all vowed that I was not goint to leave the Philippines tonight but rather that I was going to be arrested and spend the night in jail as soon as I came out from wherever I was being hidden. They all ran for the nearest taxi stop and caught a taxi ordering him to drive as fast as he could to the airport. We arrived at the main gate of Northwest Airlines and quickly checked in all of my baggage straight through to my final destination which was Syracuse, New York. Not waisting any more time, Chris, Rogelio, Manoy & I ran as fast as we could to where the viewing monitors were as we had to find out where Northwest Flight 6 for Honolulu was parked and waiting. We did not want to get there too soon but to be there just as they would be boarding. It was going to be close but no one would ever imagine just how close it really was going to actually be! Meanwhile the Lota Family along with Srgnt. Concepcion were speeding along in their taxi as they were now in sight of Ninoy Aquino Airport but then they had run into a traffic jam of jeepneys! The time was now 11:30 PM I had a half hour more to wait before my flight departed. Outside, the rain was now falling hard as the first rains from an approaching typhoon moved in over Metro Manila. I was worried now that this might cause the flight to be delayed and this in turn would have changed my fate but lady luck and God's Grace would prove to be on my side for at the moment we arrived at Northwest Gate 10, the flight was in its boarding stage and was still expected to depart on time. I quickly gave Chris a good bye hug as well a handshakes for good luck in the future to everyone who helped me through this tragic last few days and with a final wave, I walked down the long jetway and onto the huge silvery colored 747 aircraft. The flight attendants carefully showed me to my seat which was a window seat and relaxing I waited. Through my small aircraft window, I could still see people walking around in the main terminal. Then suddenly I saw Mariamelda (My now ex- wife, her son Michael (Luisa's older brother) Juvy (Luisa's older sister) along with Encar and the Police Srgnt. they had found the gate which my flight was at but they were just too late for at that moment, the jetway was being rolled back and the plane was being pushed out away from the gate. Through the rain-soaked windows, I could see the police officer, putting something on Chris's wrists as my plane kept rolling away until I could no longer see them. A few minutes later, we made our way to the head of the active runway while the flight attendants went through their preflight safety briefs and then with our turn onto the active runway, the engines increased to full power, we sped down the rainsoaked runway and lifted off into the turbulent night skies over Luzon Island and in a few more minutes we were out over the Philippine Sea on our non-stop flight to Hawaii. Relaxing finally I fell asleep. We arrived in Honolulu approximately 12 hours later at 6:00PM HST that same day again as we had to cross the International date line and then after a plane change, I was enroute non-stop to Chicago's O'Hare Airport where I finally arrived and changed over to American Eagle Commuter Service to Syracuse's Hancock Airport where I finally arrived at 9:00PM Wednesday night November 4th New York Time after a 22 hour flight across 12 time zones and experiencing the longest day of my life.. a 48 hour day! A 3 hour drive back to Hannawa Falls got me to my mobile home at midnight. Although totally exhausted from this long ordeal I could not sleep but I knew now that it was over! A light snow flurry was falling when I arrived at the mobile home park in the darkness of night. For a minute I just sat on my bed in the trailer before walking out into the living room. There on the television set stood Luisa's picture wearing her long white mariaclara gown taken during the 1996 Patronal Fiesta which we had attended back in May of that year, along with her mother & sister's pictures. I felt the tears coming to my eyes as I looked at my beautiful filipino daughter's picture sitting there as I wondered where she was now. The next day, I took her picture out of its frame and wrote these words in dedication to her: "LUISA WHEREEVER YOU MAY BE NOW. I WILL ALWAYS HOLD YOU FOREVER IN MY HEART. NO ONE WILL EVER BE QUITE LIKE YOU. IF YOU CAN SEE & HEAR ME NOW, I PROMISE YOU THAT I AM GOING TO WRITE A SERIES OF STORIES IN DEDICATION TO WHOM I KNOW WAS THE WORLDS MOST PRECIOUS DAUGHTER! LUISA I WILL ETERNALLY LOVE YOU! FOREVER, RICHARD J O'HANLON JR. The next day I mailed the picture and the dedication back to Chris Deleon in the Philippines.

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