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Rebellion from the Lower Side (Chapter 1 Lead-in)

Chapter 1 Lead-in
(Chat Log #VPoffice, 7:36-7:43 AM EST, June 3, 2002)
*** TempestM has joined #VPoffice
[EnzymeVP] Hello Mike.
[EnzymeVP] You do realise what you have caused don't you?
[TempestM] The downfall of the perfect society as you pictured it...I think I have done well...
[EnzymeVP] No, you've done the opposite of that, in fact you've made it exactly how I pictured it.
[TempestM] I wish you would not use that nickname
*** TempestM used CHGNICK on EnzymeVP
*** EnzymeVP is know known as BoatchyN
[BoatchyN] I appreciate that
[BoatchyN] Now I must be to me class, I'll see you later
*** TempestM Quit (Global Kill by BoatchyN (BTW, Do not play with my time its a kline))
*** BoatchyN is now known as EnzymerX
*** EnzymerX has left #VPoffice
/End Chat Log
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