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Age of R'kaus part 3

A young man riseís from a placid nightís sleep hearing his motherís cries for him to start his choreís. this had become a morning ritual. Has he clamored to find something to wear a neatly stacked pile of pantís stood in front of him as he frantically searched the room, the callís from his mother only complicated the hunt. When he finally noticed them in great hastiness the pantís were snatched on with out looking for a shirt he traversed the stairís letting her know he was up. She was stirring a pan filled with eggís as Nathan made his way to the kitchen. Diana was a kind women that everyone loved and regarded she had lived her whole life in this village and all that knew her if asked would say honestness was the amplest gift she had to offer. With shoulder length red hair flowing hair a delicate frame and piercing coal black eyeís she always wore a smile that could sooth the most mischievous soul. Nathan announced to his mother I have been trading with Mr Rollins for several years and he does not want to raise his prices which he pays for each pelt. Diana could tell by his tone Nathan did not want to trade with him any more. Nathan went on to say the priceís which other trading postís got were almost twice as much he was going to trade with them. This was the statement Diana had been waiting on as the pan was emptied in to the plate she placed it in the dish pan and retrieved three pots and filled them with water. After placing them over the open flame Nathan found this peculiar he knew that it was wash day why was she cooking. Nathan enquired and ask " why are you staring dinner so early" his mother replied "itís not dinner son it is your lesson for the day so eat up it will be finished in a moment. Nathan was confounded now that was not the answer that had been anticipated but curiosity crammed his mind full, the plate of food never had a chance he scarfed it down all the while Diana placed carrots in one pot eggís in another and coffee beans in the last Nathanís eyeís were glued to Diana as he shoveled biteís in to his mouth. Air pocketís rose from the water rapidly quickened by the flameís the waterís surface was shredded in an attempt to keep pace Nathan increased the spoonís momentum simulating the flame which drove the water. His mother stood smiling in the knowledge she had heightened his wonder watching him race the flame only extended her grin. When the spoon was finally at rest laying motionless in the plate Nathan turned to Diana as he focused on the potís he realized he had rushed breakfast just to watch water boil. Finally his wait was over Diana removed the pots and place there contents on the table in a motherly tone she asked Nathan "what do you see son"he looked at her for a seconds before answering "carrots , eggís and coffee" taking him by the shoulder she leaned in and said "look closer Nathan each one of these have faced the same adversity and each reacted differently. Still Nathan watched with disarray not understanding the specific rationality behind this but his mother continued, after filtering the coffee it was poured into a cup then she passed it to him the refreshing aroma pleaded with him to sample it. Placing the empty glass on the table Diana ask him "now son can you tell me what you have just witnessed" stile he remained confused. "Well Nathan it is very basic the carrot was hard and ridged now it has become soft and flaccid, the egg commenced with a brittle shell and a liquified center now it has changed a hard outer cover is present and its core has harden but the coffee is unique it remains in tacked only the water changes now Nathan which do you want to be." placing two fingers upon his mouth advising him not to answer with a kiss on the forehead, she extinguished the open flame then out the door with the dayís wash. With this new revaluation which ricocheted in his mind Nathan began his choreís which largely consisted of trapís and fishing lineís, natured rendered his bounty.
Nathan had called Teratu forest home his entire life and ambition to part from the only exsistanse he had know never entered his thoughtís. This plentiful forest held lifeís imprint for Nathan who seemed to know how each creature reacted and itís point which he could capture it but always taking what was needed and no more. His route could not be overlooked it had been traveled many timeís over the yearís and a acquirable trail had become present. Weaving threw the trees which had low hanging branchís, thick under brush, and must indisputably the briar patchís. The woodlandís seem to envelop the trail as if it had molded its self to match his needís, as the vineís stretched toward the route none would even brush Nathan not once had he gave it a notice. As he approached the river the rumble of horseís headed in his direction knowing there were bandits that had assaulted a few travelers. He raced toward the rumbling earth wanting a chance to stop at least one of these criminals to his surprise the magnificent stallionís were mounted by his friendís and Sabrina. Sabrina had been in Nathanís thoughtís his entire life they had grew up together. The only time either of them had been away from one another was when her uncle James had to command a battle which in his few years Nathan had heard of many. Speeding toward the thunder Nathan could not see the horseís but he knew they were pureblooded stallionís James would not settle for anything less , as the magnificent animalís came in to sight he could not help but decelerate his stride to admire these specimens. There were three splendiferous creatures galloping toward him James sat atop a brown and white speckled painted horse the next was Triston his mount reflected the sunís rayís causing the air around it sparkle with a rainbow impression which flickered from the arabian purebred last was Sabrina the coal black beast which she rode was guaranteed to be a pedigree but he had never seen such a animal before. The entire frame covered in colossus muscles flexing with each pace acclimated by the tautly wrapped sleek pelt. Each steed was well built but Sabrinaís stallion exceed the other two by leaps and bounds the rambling coming from underneath itís hulves cut through the air drowning out the others.
As he entered there path all three came to a halt dust filled the air blinding Nathan momentarily when the debris settled he was facing Jamesís arrow. The tarnished blackened wood curled, compressed by the string which held a ash arrow with a outcry Nathan was sure it was time to declare who he was. As the bow relaxed he drew a much needed breath finding the smile on Sabrinaís told him they now recognized who stood in front of them. He closed the distance rapidly once standing beside Sabrinaís stallion he can to appreciate the sheer mass of this beast. His attention quickly turned to the lady sitting atop he had been so captivated by her the words which she spoke were lost realizing he was being addressed reality snatched Nathan back.
"We have been searching for you Nathan" the aromatic words swirled past his ears caressing Nathanís soul. As he reached to massage the horses head he could have swore he heard it say "Danger" out of reflex Nathan turned scanning the surrounding area. His gaze focused on another arrow which had drawn a bead on him. The bow was recoiling Nathan knew the projectile had been fired, his mind raced with questions how could this horse have warned him why was everything in slow motion and who was wanting ti harm him. As the arrow glided toward him flinching was not a thought that crossed Nathanís mind this also baffled him. The arrow closed closer now he could see the glistering silverish tip that wanted to take his life. Once it had traveled most of the distance Nathan still wondered why he had not moved. Out of the corner of his eye a hawk soared into view snatching the arrow out of mid flight, what was once in decelerated motoin quickened to a rate that he did not trust that it had happened.
With all the exhilaration Nathan had not noticed James had notched an arrow and fired only the hint that pointed to it was the whistling of the missile disrupting the air. When he found it in flight feet was all that separated it from the man who had done the same to Nathan. On impact the force lifted him off the ground, thrashing violently in midair then landing with a lifeless thud Nathan had heard so often when track down game. Disarray ruled in his mind being so exhilarated by seeing Sabrina and now there was a departed soul laying just a stoneís throw away. Had the war followed them back if so why was the arrow meant for him. Triston galloped over to the empty vessel and Nathan followed looking down at the man his chest drenched in blood the arrow had punctured his heart but he did not anticipate any less James had never missed any target that he had drew a bead on. Nathan had hunted with him many times but what puzzled him was where the arrow had gone, the wound was clean threw but it was no where to be seen behind him. Hauling Nathan up onto the horse Triston trotted off Nathan bent on not remaining on this horseís back, he did not like to use creators for his own will he only took from nature what he needed and it had provided him well. As he struggled to get free of Tristonís grip the stallion bounded over a fallen log and Triston lost his grip and Nathan viciously collapsed to the soil knocking him unconches.
The world whorled in Nathanís mind as he tried to regain his senses the blurred sun light all most blinded him. The gusting sound of tired horses filled the air around him the heavy breathing was a sure sign they had been penalized by there rides and been rode till they could not be guide any farther. Nathan knew he must be miles away from his unceremonious dismount this meant only one thing he had been ridden to this place and that he had been a part of the horses punishment this did not sit well with him. Still his head was foggy and his sight was not fully restored but the sweetness which filled his head was Sabrinas voice that always brought tranquility to him. Shapeís emerged reluctantly from the vortex first the sizable hardwoods sharpened so he could see the wind lightly wavering there leaveís. Whit his head still pounding he tested his ability to rise and stand then he collapsed back to the ground. With hands out stretching to break his fall once again the ground won a audible thud got the other threeís attention. Sabrina was the first to make it to him wrapping her armís around Nathan to keep him braced so not to topple over again. The warmth which radiated from her body made every affair dissipate from his mind the women he had loved all his life now shrouded him from harm. Triston was the first to utter a word about Nathanís ride
"So regretful that you fell my friend but we had to get you out of there I lost my grip and you fell James draped you over his horse and we did not stop till we got here" Triston stood there not willing to look Nathan in the eyeís knowing he had harmed the one who is most important
With cobwebs occupying his thoughts he responded "Triston it was not your fault I was the one struggling to free my self next time I will know better" with all the breath he could muster he let out a laugh that made everyone burst into laughter.
Jamesís voice crackled threw the jesting at Nathan "Since you are a wake now we must proceed thereís a lot of ground to cover" Nathan had many questions but in his experiences at dealing with him it was better to press on not knowing the reasoning behind all that had transpired, his trust laid in Jamesís competent hands which was never doubted. Sabrina clung to him as he help lift his self up right, it seemed the more she squeezed him the better he felt. Leaning on her Nathan stumbled in the generalized direction Sabrina conducted this dance with grace with each shifting of his weight just the right amount of opposition to counter balance a some what jagged path to the stallion.
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