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Capturing Beauty

Capturing Beauty by J. D. Shelton I have traveled the world and seen many of mans creations , objects which range from five hundred year old paintings to five thousand year old structures. With all there resourcefulness not one brush stroke nor a solitary grain of mortar contends with the radiance which emanates from you. Picasso , Rembrandt neither could have longed for such a master piece. So much beauty is assured no canvas might sustain it and no architect could erect a monument that would ever rival it. With trembling hands the painter desperately swipes at the canvas in a futile endeavor to capture beauty knowing with every pass he slips farther from his destination. With time the architect imagines he can mold the blocks to his advantage. Only after the construction is complete does it occur what is sought is irretrievable only the creator possess such time. Silently they try only to collapse before reaching there goal. The search continues in vain not ever recognizing flawlessness stands in there path.

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