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One Strike

©Copyright Jeannette Gardner & Rick Ivanoff (SOCAN) (2003)


I found out something, that got me thinking
You thought Iíd miss it, if I was blinking
You kept a secret, you were so uncool
Youíd better realize, that you were a fool


One strike against you darling, before you hit the road
Better give it up now baby, Ďcause youíve been told
I ainít no angel, but you ainít no saint
ĎCause one more strike against you darling, and I wonít hesitate


I donít have to tell you, that youíve crossed the line
And boy you know it, itís just a matter of time
You kept a secret, oh you were so uncool
Iím telling you baby, donít be a fool

CHORUS: (above)


If you got wild oats to sow, You better let me know
I donít want to hold you up, ĎCause youíre free to go

CHORUS (above)

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