falling down and flying up | By: Oreo Batard | | Category: Short Story - Other Type Song Bookmark and Share

falling down and flying up

in one giant cash
the walls came tumbling
down before my eyes
as I stood at the gate of hell
and saw my depressive night
come tumbling down with
them in one giant fall
in an instant I was flying high
and up above it all
and having a manic episode
free from the hell I had left
I was on the last train to glory
and I had paid my fare
I saw a highway below me made of gold
with passengers hovering like me above it
in arocars
Tweeter and the birdman
were rolling fog rolls
and having marine layer pie
as I enjoyed the blue sky
and watched them eat their pie
Then my energy gave out
and I fell asleep on a cloud
and leveled out
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