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I am an Amature Writer But I Enjoy Doing It

If I could write a Book,
I'd call it," random pieces of my Life".
I have so many stories inside me.
I am not patient enough to write a long story
about anything. I can write short ones about my life though.
I can write poems too. They are real short stories and I like
writing them because I can see the results fast! I have no
formal training in writing. I did do well in English classes
at school and I liked writing.
When people criticize my work that know something
I am not always able to understand what they say
about the formal writing errors I made. I understand some of
it though and correct what I can understand. I write as an outlet
and to see what I can create on paper. I get surprised sometimes.
I like being creative. Writing is something I can do at home and it doesn't
cost a lot unless you try to publish your writings. I don't have the
money to publish anything right now. I am not sure it would even sell since I am not a Professional
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