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Make God And Heaven Happen Now

This is Christmas
Have a Merry one
War is over
If you want it!
War is over now
Give peace a chance
Make it happen!
United Nation
You have to make it happen
Come together
Good and Evil are
not at war
Heaven is at hand
Create it where on earth
Join the revolution
Make the spirit of God happen
Have a concert
Bring your music
Share it with others
Gather together as one
Be another Woodstock
Create peace
Don't wait for a new President
or Congress
You have the power to make peace happen
Rise up
The revolution is now
Share flowers and love
and practice the golden rule
John Lennon will be there in spirit
and Jesus will provide bread and wine and fish
for everyone
and we'll have a feast at the sea
and maybe we'll all walk on water and shine
bright like the Moon and the Stars and the planets and Sun
You have to make God happen!
Spiritualism is light
the way of the wise
It isn't the spelling that counts it's the feelings and thoughts
behind the spiritual awakening
that makes us all one in spirit with God the spirit
the light that shines on the sun and moon and stars and us
we can worship it's nature and still worship God too
We are all one with the spirit of God
the light the force the beginning and the end
the I am the creator and the creations
we are all one the same
If you want God to return and Heaven to happen
you have to make it happen
A revolution of love and peace
here now
flower power love and peace
end of wars and fighting
no country to fight for or die for
just paradise no religions no holy objects or books
just pure love
Heaven is up to you to create here on earth
Moses and Abraham and Jacob and all the others are here in spirit
waiting patiently for us to understand it and get it
The budda has woke up inside us and is lighting our way
Mohammad wants love and peace too
he wants us to love each other as one and stop killing each other
the light is in yogis and everyone
we just have to let it shine here on earth
and God will be here again in spirit
and we'll have paradise and maybe we will live forever someday
or for as ever long as we live or until we come back again
or what ever
What ever will be will be the future is not ours to see
Make Heaven Happen Now
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