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Prince Glacier

The Mermaid Or Prince Glacier

Once upon a time in Iceland there lived a pair of skating danceurs named Isabelle and Chris. They were so splendid on the icy field that the King and Queen and the people of Iceland were enamoured watching them skate.

Oneday Isabella, while skating fell into a dangerous sleet. Chris, saw her float beneath the icy glaze and could not save her try hard as he might. He helplessly watched as she floated beneath the thick ice until she finally disappeared into the icy sheet. Broken Hearted Chris cried out “Isabella Isabella”

Below the icy waters, Isabella entered a new world. The Prince Glacier’s frosty buttons heard Isabella’s muffled cries and came to her rescue. They were so taken up by Isabella that they chattered amongst themselves of her beauty and compared her to the pretty little mermaids who long ago had left their ocean kingdom for they disliked Prince Glacier’s cold ways.

Now they dived with the barely conscious Isabella into Prince Glacier’s icicled castle deep beneath the ocean. When they reached the castle they asked her her name and she faintly uttered Isabella and fell unconscious, for Y’see it was a magical place.

Prince Glacier, along with his frosty buttons and his Chilly Wizard Avalanche lived in this huge icicled castle. On the entrance of the strange icicled castle bloomed frosty little roses and was guarded by two frosty buttons who were armed with ice axes.

The icicled castle had a long passageway filled with the most unusual shoal of fishes and sea weeds, But deep beneath the castle lay a trap door beyond which there lived ugly and dangerous sea monsters like huge sharks, barracuda’s and venomous sea snakes. Not a single little button dared venture near the castle’s trap door.

When Prince Glacier saw beautiful Isabella, he fell deeply in love with her and wanted her to be his mer- mate that very instant, so he ordered his Chilly Wizard Avalanche to quickly turn her into his mermaid. Avalanche the frosty wizard wasted not time. He lay her down on a cushion of soft ocean weeds and began to chant his magical spell as he rimed on.

Come Hither Thither and Yon
Come Hail Floe Frost and Snow
And bring with you Icy Chilblains
Anguish and Fear
Nip Bite and sting with your sharp tooth
Tremble Shudder and Quivver
Until you give a great sneeze
To chill all
To make them freeze
And Lastly but not the least
My Sweet Loving Beast
Turn Beautiful Isabella
Into Icy Prince Glacier’s
Shy mermaid Bride to be’

And so on that day there was a great snowstorm in Iceland, but beneath the icy waters the magical spell took place and Lo! Isabella was turned into a Mermaid. Prince Glacier was thrilled and his cold grey eyes gleamed with happiness.

When Isabelle opened her eyes she was for a rude awakening. She shivered when she found herself surrounded by strange frosty looking button mermen and got goose bumps all over her body when Prince Glacier gave her an icy stare.

As she sat on the soft cushioned sea weeds, she was greatly alarmed to find that she had turned into a mermaid and wept bitterly.

Chilly Wizard Avalanche comforted her saying that she was now Prince Glacier’s bride. She cried more than ever and begged Prince Glacier to set her free so that she could skate with her beloved danceour again.

However Prince Glacier went into a jealous rage and threatened her saying that if she ever tried to escape he would use her as a bait to feed his ocean monsters. On hearing his cruel words the already frightened Isabella stopped crying and her face turned icy blue.

Isabella now a sea creature, spent her long idle hours swimming through the castle passage way befriending star fishes oysters crabs and octopus and also admiring the strange frosty roses. She listened to the rhythm of the ocean humming on the conch and cockle shells. She also loved collecting pretty ocean shells which she threadled on a long weed to make a beautiful necklace. Sometimes she was taken in his huge clam shell boat to watch the colourful sea fishes. All became Isabella’s friends.

But Isabella’s Icy blue face showed how much she missed Chris and longed to be with him and blew him salty sea kisses.

Prince Glacier loved to snore all day on his ice glazed throne. He could never love, amuse or make Isabella laugh, but when he awoke his frosty buttons, Wizard Avalanche and poor Isabella too had to greet him Hail Prince Glacier which never failed to please him.

Sometimes Prince Glacier would present Isabella with oyster pearls and choicest sea jewels which when he slept Isabella would throw them away as she disliked the cold and cruel king.

Meantime Chilly Wizard Avalanche would puff on his Icicled Pipe and cast his magical rhimes for the weather in Iceland.

Huff and Puff he would chant
Fury Stuff
Let my bait
Settle the state
Of the Icelandic maize
Chills and colds
Shudders and Bolts
Now blow an icy wind
Over the Iceland gales

Suddenly an Icy Breath covered the land and caused a great rumpus above. Below the icy sea-Kingdom the faithful frosty buttons were always preparing banquets –foods seasoned with delicious ocean herbs and sweet smelling ocean thymes. They also fed the fishes and while they attended to sweet Isabella they loved listening to the enchanting tales she told of the people who lived above the ocean. This made Chilly Wizard Avalanche most curious to know what she used to tell the frosty sea buttons that they appeared so entranced.

So one day he too came and sat beside her---stroking------His snowy white beard and got lost listening to the stories she told, but they were most careful not to be caught by Prince Glacier.

Inspite of the cruel weather above, broken hearted Chris no longer skated as before but used to dream Isabella was alive and was calling out to him. The King of Iceland seeing that Chris was grief striken and unhappy, wanted to help him and so he told Chris to visit his magical sorcerer.

The Next day Chris visited the sorcerer and pleaded with him to find Isabella. The sorcerer looked into his crystal ball and told him that Isabella was captured by Prince Glacier who had turned her into his mermaid bride. The news deeply upset Chris and he asked the magical sorcerer if he could turn him into a merman. The magical sorcerer was unable to turn him into a merman but told Chris not to lose hope and instead get him a pair of golden anklets with six golden bells on each of them.

Chris did as he was told and returned the next day with the golden bell anklets. Now the magical sorcerer chanted a spell on the golden bell anklets so that when Chris would wear them it would begin to sing a magical song to Isabella.

Chris thanked the sorcerer and on the next winter’s day he wore the magical golden bell anklets and as he skated on the icy fields the bells began to sing sweetly.

O Dearest Isabella Isabella
Listen to the tinkle of the twelve golden bells
Who woefully tinkle and tell
All’s not well
My sad befallen fate
Dear Isabella
Tinkel Tinkle and tell
For Chris awaits you
As he skates and skates
On the icy field
His feet turning blue
Yearning for you

Meanwhile Icy Blue Isabella was sitting on her cushion of ocean weeds but when she heard the tinkling of the twelve magical bells she began to weep bitterly.

Hearing her sobs the frosty little buttons were greatly perturbed and came to her assistance. Isabella told them to listen softly and listen well to the song of the twelve magical bells. When the listened to the song they felt sorry for Isabella and promised to help her.

Quietly the frosty buttons approached Chilly Wizard Avalanche and told him of the sad song of the twelve magical bells. When Avalanche heard the song he was filled with remorse for what he had done to the lovers, Chris and Isabella. He decided to undo his wicked deeds and so quietly lay Isabella on the soft cushion of ocean weeds. Once again chilly Wizard Avalanche began to chant his magical spell as he rimed on

Come Hither Thither and Yon
Stop hail snow frost and floe
And bring with you
Renewed Love hope and peace
End your
Frosty chilly icy deeds
No longer give your great big sneeze
But blow just a silent breeze
To show your not a wicked beast
But mellow indeed
And lastly
But not the least
Turn Beautiful Isabella
Into Chris’s bride to be
And back into her befitting human form
With her skating boots on

And lo! Isabella was turned back into her human form. She thanked Chilly Wizard Avalanche and kissed him goodbye. Then the frosty little buttons swam with her safely to the top and broke open the ice with their ice axes and led Isabella into Chris’s Open arms.
Prince Glacier could do nothing to stop her.

Isabella and Chris thanked the frosty little buttons and the pet whale. Then the most wonderful thing happened from nowhere appeared a group of pretty little mermaids who swam towards the frosty buttons. O’ what a perfect match they made. Isabella and Chris Cheered at the marvelous sight they saw and wished them good luck. And so off went the frosty little buttons with their mermaids into the deep ocean far far away from Prince Glacier’s castle.

That day when Prince Glacier woke up he was in for a big surprise for when he called out to his frosty buttons and Isabella he got no reply. Then Chilly Wizard Avalanche told the angry Prince how he had set Isabella free at last and that he had vowed never to be wicked in his ways but henceforth he would use all his magical powers to bring happiness and peace to all the people of Ice land.

Prince Glacier felt helpless because he could no longer be bad and use Chilly Wizard Avalanche for his evil deeds. So his heart turned into an ice berg and he lived alone in his icicled castle with Chilly Wizard Avalanche.

The King and Queen and the people of Iceland rejoiced when they saw the lucky pair pirouette with their skates on the icy field once more

Thus Chris rescued her and their love tryst turned her back into Isabella. All the folk Of Iceland marveled at the Icelandic saga.

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