There's No Dancin' To Hanson | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Poem - Funny Bookmark and Share

There's No Dancin' To Hanson

There are some things in life I refuse to do
To my princples and virtues I must be true
People give in to their temptations every day
Certain muscial acts I tell myself stay away
At the discos, it's time to move, no room for romancin'
A sign clearly posted reads there's no dancin' to Hanson
Teeny boppers weak in their knees
Just wanna be Hanson groupies
These boys still play with their Hotwheels and Lincoln Logs
They are changing their stage name to Three Blonde Dawgs
These boys are nothing to look at, no second glancin'
There is a Hanson Haters Club that strictly opposes dancin' to Hanson
The youngest boy fits in good with the little girls
The middle one sparkles at night when donning his evening pearls
The oldest one is considered the puppet master
Kiss refused Hanson a remix of their song Plaster Caster
Eventually they were drummed out of town, I believe they moved to Missourri, to a town called Branson
What a paradise for them, a local disco that plays only music performed by Hanson
(This is my wife's idea)
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