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Lockout Tagout

I know now time never stands still
When it is due, pay your electric bill
Sometimes you have to sacrifice minutes to save hours
It is no picnic when you have no power
Being able to play your tunes, read a book at home is what it is all about
Electric companies now educate people about lockout tagout
No a/c in the heat of summer, no heat in the winter grip
Cannot see at night if I drop crumbs when eating my potato chips
No mercy for the young or old
Don't know which salsa I am grabbing, spicy or bold
Just keep it current so you don't pay the price
Think once, learn once, don't do it twice
I might as well be living in a cave
No stove top, no oven, no microwave
I ate cold hotdogs, elctric can opener, no Suaerkraut
What a situation, no communication, just lockout tagout
I have the money, just not the time
I call to get advice from 5-2-9
I tell her I have food, but way to heat it
She says once when she was lost in a jungle, she only had raw meat, but to survive she was forced to eat it
I am now eating and getting full
My carnivorous, primal instincts are now out of control
There are times that crops are lost during a drought
Learn from my mistakes, pay before a lockout tagout
I just had to get this out of my system
So many silent victims of lockout tagout I can't list em'
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