Doobie | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Poem - Funny Bookmark and Share


When I was growing up, we lived on the worst part of town, the West Side
Just like every Sunday, I would get on my bike and go for a ride
Down to Thompson's Drug for a Sunday paper
Doobie had to go for some Red Man Tobacco and some Now and Laters
I told him I didn't know your dad chewed
He said it was for his Mom, he said he had to hurry, she was out and in a very bad mood
Then one day, I go by his house to visit, Tammy, his sister had to babysit the twins, Chris and Aarron
She sat on the couch watching the soaps, yelling and swearin'
She had a switch long enough to reach the kitchen and beyond
Used to discipline the twins when they did something wrong
He had another sister named Maya, she was my age and a real looker
His older sister April, became a West 7th hooker
I have no idea where they are and what has become of them
This is a true life experience, I guess a piece of the puzzle from life's grandmaster plan
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