What's Torrie Spelling? | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Poem - Funny Bookmark and Share

What's Torrie Spelling?

She always seems to mix up the word used to describe what you do when you
She uses the word to describe what you put on your feet
Come on girlfriend, get a clue
It's not what you wear, it's what you chew
You decide to have a yard sale, but there's a reason nobody's buying what you're
They all wonder what's Torrie Spelling
Some words are just too difficult to decipher
No one corrects her because everyone likes her
She once tried to start a literacy campaign
Causing herself some financial strain
She invited friends over to do some walnut shelling
They are a no show, they just want to know what's Torrie Spelling
She writes gas prices are up ten scents
It's not what you smell, it's what is spent
I know it's tragic because the world stops when celebrities have problems,
there's no point on dwelling
I personally don't care what's Torrie Spelling
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