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Rending The Veil

I was walking home from class the night it all started. I
have a loft on Young street, above a pizzeria called “The Big Slice.”
Not exactly the most welcoming area, but after tuition, books, and
everything else, the price was right. It was around 10pm, and
although it was the middle of January, there was still plenty of light
from the neon and florescent signs.
Every now and then I spare some change for one of the homeless
people who live down a back alley near my house. As I turned down the
alley that day, I saw something completely unexpected. A chalky man
had a tight hold on one of my neighbours, and had buried his face in
her neck. The man looked up at me, still embracing the woman, and
stared right into my eyes. An ominous chill came over me as I noticed
his eyes appeared more serpentine then human, and began to glow an
eerie bright yellow. He released the woman, who fell lifelessly to
the ground, and focused his attention on me. I tried to run away, but
my legs would not obey. I began to pray for my life, but I found
myself unable to continue as I watched, unable to do anything else,
as a thin, forked tongue slowly slithered out of his mouth. I began
to move, but not to safety. Instead, I slowly marched towards this
creature, mesmerized by the soothing light of his demonic eyes. He
grabbed my arm as if to pull me to safety from the freezing water of
the Atlantic, and smiled, revealing two abnormally large canine teeth.
His talon-like nails dug into my forearm as he drew closer to my neck.
I continued my attempts at prayer. Blessed Lord above, deliver me
from this demon. I could feel his teeth scrape across my flesh when
suddenly he withdrew. Faint whispers surrounded us, and seemed to
completely disorient him. Taunts. These were the whispers of
children taunting him. He covered his ears and let out a deafening
cry, then fled.
I woke up at late afternoon the next day to the sound of my
phone ringing. “Aidan, you ok? You missed the Christian Ethics
lecture today.”
I looked at my watch. 4:30. “Shit, Jess, you’re right. I
guess I must have slept in.”
“Is something wrong? You’ve never missed Christian Ethics
“Never mind, it’s nothing. Listen, can I borrow your notes?”
“Sure, no problem. I’ll give them to you tomorrow.”
“Great, thanks. Talk to ya later.” She was right. I’d never
once missed that class before.
The woman I saw murdered last night was in the Star on the
third page. The pathologist claimed she died of exposure to the
elements. Did he completely ignore the lack of blood in her body, or
did I imagine it all? Realizing I was late for work I quickly got
dressed, emptied a fresh can of food into my dog, Odin’s, dish and
caught the TTC to the St. Laurence Market. I work at a
pseudo-restaurant in the market. We mainly sell pizza and hot dogs,
nothing fancy. About halfway through my shift, I noticed someone
staring at me. I assume he’d been there since I started, but the
place had been too busy for me to notice. My memory of him is
clouded, as if it had been altered or erased, all I can remember
about him were his piercing violet eyes as he continuously stared at
me, and that he seemed to have a terrible sun burn, though it was the
middle of winter.
I couldn’t wait to get out of there by 9 o’clock. My thoughts
kept drifting to the snake-man I saw yesterday. I kept trying to
rationalize what I saw, but at the same time I knew that was not
possible. This was turning my entire world upside down. That was
obviously a thing of complete evil, and God is supposed to protect the
faithful, right? So why did it get so close to me? Why did its gaze
draw me towards it against my will?
I missed the Robbie, so I decided to walk home. It was
snowing before I left the market, but I didn’t care. I just kept
walking, trying to keep my mind off the past few days. I stopped in
front of the art store, like I usually do after work. Every week a
new painting is put on display. This week’s picture depicted an angel
whose wings have been ripped out. Other angels surround him, but they
all have their backs towards him, exiling him to whatever Hell he had
created for himself. Slithering up his right leg was a coral snake,
although he appeared to be completely calm. A single tear of blood
was released, no doubt symbolizing his regret over the events of his
service to heaven and banishment from it. On the bottom of the frame
a little gold plaque was engraved Lucifer, The Tempter. I continued
home again, but found myself lying on the football field at the
University until at least 1am before I actually made it home.
The next morning came after hours of troubled sleep. I was in a hurry
to leave, so I had a rushed breakfast. Something provoked me to check
my answering machine before I left. <for dinner last night? You’d better have a good excuse. Talk to ya
later. Le amo>>, <it’s your turn to manage the reception after church this week. See
you tomorrow.>> Nothing important. I deleted those messages and ran
out of the house. This army surplus store also deals in firearms, and
I felt I needed some kind of protection. Faith just didn’t seem to be
enough anymore. I filled out all the paper work, and was told it
would take some time to get my license, so I’d have to wait a while
for my gun. I picked up a newspaper, and made my way down to Nathan
Philips Square. I felt I needed to be surrounded by people at that
time. The front-page article was about the recent hurricane plaguing
Chile. Hurricane Uriel Kills Thousands. Looking up for a second from
my paper I noticed sitting directly across from me is that man who was
staring at me in the market. I got up from my bench and left the
square, leaving the newspaper on the bench. Out of the corner of my
eye, I saw him do the exact same thing, as if he were my shadow. I
spent the rest of the day trying to lose him, winding up and down the
city streets, almost moving in complete circles. Finally, as the sun
began to set, he gave up his pursuit. I returned to my loft, turned
on all the lights, sat in my recliner, and just stared into space.
Around midnight I started hearing noises. It sounded like a
pit of deadly asps right in my living room. I began to see shadows
take the shape of serpents, and slither along my walls and ceiling.
They then became a hoard of people reaching out at me. I remember
being terrified by the fact that they actually touched me. The
shadows on my wall reached out and physically grabbed me! They pulled
me up against the wall, and dragged me up until my head connected with
the ceiling. Slowly, the door began to open, and in stepped the snake
-creature, only he looked completely human, except for his deathly
parlour. He crept towards me and the whispers started once again, but
they did not faze him this time. Soon there were images to go with
the voices. The transparent vision of the woman I saw him murder that
night also appeared. I could only assume these were apparitions of
his previous victims. “He has seen through the veil, Christus. If
vampires are to survive he must be destroyed.” The demon suddenly
“Your recklessness has caused this, Xerxes. You must be
destroyed,” came a cry out of thin air. Instantly, the man who had
been stalking me grabbed Xerxes from behind, tore a wound in his neck,
and drained him every drop of blood in him, until he decomposed into
Throughout the entire ordeal of that night, not once did I
pray for safety.
“Never speak one word of this night.” Commanded Christus, who
was now as pale as a corpse, whereas just a day before was completely
crimson from the sun. He then vanished out of my window.
For the rest of the night I just laid in my bed, afraid to
turn the lights off. I didn’t go to church that week, or any week
since then, for that matter. I didn’t see the point. I still don’t.
God abandoned me when I needed him most. He was supposed to protect
me, hide that evil from my eyes. But he didn’t, so I abandoned him.
There was no way to return to my old life. A new world had been
opened up for me, and I couldn’t just ignore it.