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I Worship

I worship nature, My church is everywhere nature is. Anyone can join. It is a simple spiritualism.
Everyone is worthy to practice it. You don't have to get saved or confess, or repent! There are no bible or other religious book studies. No one asks for money.
I don't pray to it. That is because I don't presume on our friendship. It's not polite! Nature is my friend
and guides me on my journey here on earth. I respect the life force in all that posse it. Animales are my friends.
I enjoy the Sun and Moon and stars as well as the plants and minerals and fire and water and air.

The light is within my being that is behind nature and it's creations. The Universe and the void behind it is the spirit
and Godhead of my spiritualism. I am one with the void and nothingness. There I meditate
the creator is the Creation and vise versa. We are but one. The house of my soul is my body and mind.
and I dwell there until I leave and become part of the void again. I am kindness and love. I bask in the warmth of the Sun
and I bask in the Moonlight of the Moon and gaze into the stars in the sky at night. They relax and bring me comfort and a sense of wellbeing
and serenity. They comfort me when I feel badly and help keep me balanced
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