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My Secret

I have a secret
I want to tell.
Its guilt filled contents
Make me want to scream and yell.
All the world,
Can already see
The guilt of my secret
Is killing me.
I don’t know who to tell
Who would understand?
Who can I trust
To deal with the consequences
My secret will demand?
I’m gloating now
Because I want to tell
And there’s something sounding,
Drowning in my head
Each repetition,
Sounds a bell.

If I gave you
One small clue
And it involved you
What would you do?
Would you believe
Or would you overreact
Without hearing from me
If the story is fact?
How would you act?
I wanna tell you
So very bad
The thought of not telling you
Makes me sad.
The time will come
When I tell you true
Because you will have said,
“I’m here for you.”
But you are weak
And I am strong.
By the tears in your eyes
I know something is wrong.

Now I can see
You are full of pain.
And the scars of my secret
Have left s stain.
I feel the shame
And take the blame.
Now there is only
One thing to do
And it’s a raving solution
Long overdue.

I tell you know
Just how
By the end of the night
Will be all right.
I’ll tie a noose
Not too loose
I’ll kick the chair
But please don’t stare.
I’m saying goodbye
And why
I must die.

Dry your eyes.
Please don’t cry.
But next week
When you go to sleep
I will be resting
Six feet deep.
I leave you now
On just how
My choice I had to make
Reflect “My Secret was a mistake.”
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