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Running From the Po Po

Good thing I am a former track star
Ain't got the dough to afford a car
The shirt I am wearing is on it's third month straight
That lady on the Pine Sol commercial gave me the secret to keep the smell up to
Now all the females think I lost my Mo Jo
They all laugh watching me run from the Po Po
Now they have several of lined up against a brick wall
An old lady says, that's him the one who smells like Pine Sol
But I am set free on my own recognizance
I just smiled and nodded, I have no idea what that word meant
It is no fun committing crimes solo
It is even less fun, having no one to leave behind when you're running from the
Po Po
I've been pretty lucky having a predetermined escape route
I decided to drop the Pine Sol and switch to shout
The women yell and laugh as they call me PS
A new scent tomorrow will leave them with a second guess
I will dye my tee shirt blue using some Tydee Bowl
Gotta go under cover and not attract any attention from the Po Po
I sit down and eat my favorite kind of sandwiches
One with just mustard and one with the sloppy joe sauce, without the meat by
I am drinking a cup of coffee that is ten days old
I take my finger and remove the floaters and chunks of mold
I am going to the station and make up a story to get a cup of coffee to go
They tell me to get my coffee and leave, I am mad, so I shake their vending
machine and get a free pack of Ho Ho's
From now on, for my free cup of coffee, I am going to see the
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