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She's A Bubbalette

She don't care which kind of beer, but it must be cold
But her favorite has always been the Bull
Her hobbies include, but not limited to, chewing tobacco, arm wrestling and
going punch for punch in the arm with men
After a few beers, she likes trashing the good names of Barbie and Ken
She wears her favorite tee shirt that reads I'm single because I haven't found the
right guy
They say there's someone for everyone, but in her case, that's a lie
I wish in my lifetime, that we had never met
Her real name is Maxxine, but she is known as a Bubbalette
In the winter is flannel shirts, and BVD long underwear underneath
I took her out to lunch, she removes the chew from her mouth and places it on
the table, than asks for a prayer before we eat
She is the president of the David Hasselhoff fan club
She told me for him she would pledge all her love
If she gets married, it will be a honeymoon in a single wide, the groom will be
named Chet
He will be a Bubba, how perfect, she's a Bubbalette
Country folk appreciate her for who she is, the chewing tobacco and all
She stands at the counter at Burger King, she pays the cashier with money she
takes from her bra
She is at a red light, opens her car door and empties her spit jar on the street
Her freezer recently went out, she had a barbecue to get rid of the deer meat
Her motto is, no matter what in life, love who you are, have no regrets
Go ahead, I predict the only one to love you, will be you, you're a Bubbalette
Her normal attire is Levis 501 jeans and wife beater shirts
She doesn't shave her legs, she will never wear a skirt
She decided to join the Navy and fly fighter jets
Her call sign will be Bubbalette
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