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Addicted to Gloves

The lights are on, but you're not home
You sit in your car all alone
You try on different brands, different styles
You try to control your primal instincts, living so wild
Ecitement fills the air, you buy some Dove chocolates, you get a free pair
This is the one thing in life you will not share
This is the thing that will make be a loner
Right now you are relishing over the feel of your Isotoners
You look up and thank the Heavens above
For your strong addiction to gloves
The leather ones bring out the naught girl in you
The cloth ones go good with your Converse All Star classic shoes
Your scuba diving ones scream all hands on deck
Add your diving knife, then you are saying, whip me beat me, make me write bad
When you get out of the car, you discover when you wear them, you can still apply
your anti theft device, the club
Come on, come clean, admit it, you are addicted to gloves
You rush in Walmart for the early morning sale beginning at 3 am
Get a par of slice proof ones when you purchase 2 cans of Spam
No one really knows what your hands look like
You wear combat ones when watching UFC on Spike
Everyone knows what a bizarre world you share with your one and only true love
Everyone has their addictions and yours is truly gloves

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