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Minnie Got Caught Cheatin'

There was a time between the two when things were so great
One day, she didn't show when they had a date
He stood on the corner waiting in the rain
The lonliness, the heartache, the pain
He hired a Detective named Darren Keaton
On tape, Minnie is caught cheatin'
It is all that Micke had feared
Now wherever he goes, there is a trail of tears
He tries to hire Goofy as his hit man
Goofy says, no need for money, I understand
Mickey throws all of Minnie's clothes in he trash and burns her favorite blouse
Leave a note on the door, it reads, Hear Yee, Hear Yee, Minnie is no longer
welcomed in the House of Mouse
Minnie insists Daisy encouraged her to have a fling
She taught me how. she literally took me under her wing
Minnie admits about fantasies with actor Will Wheaton
Face the facts Minnie, cameras don't lie you got caught cheatin'
She says her thing with Roger Rabbit was a big mistake
Her hands are sore from endless hours of Patty Cake
She was seen with a stripper from Chippen Dales
Because of Palimony payments, Minnie always lives upscale
She was pulled over and found to be drunk behind the wheel
She got away without so much as a ticket using her seductive skills
Olive Oil was hired to give Minnie a never forget beatin'
Popeye comments, she deserves it, she's been cheatin
Pink Panther says he will date Minnie, even though she is used goods
Mickey wants her buried deep in the woods
Minnie is never seen again after the fateful day
At the funeral, Mickey celebrates her going away
He says in life my motto is always celebrate the death of the ones you hate and
Whether their destination is below or above
I believe the Devil has her heatin
Mickey feels better knowing you are paying for cheatin'

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