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Trailer Trash Gift Shop

The news was put out by flyers
I see they've already removed the tires
I wonder if any of these people really have any money
But they say you catch more flies with honey
Everybody agrees not to buy anything right away so the prices will drop
It is the first of its kind, the trailer trash gift shop
Grand opening will be on Saturday
There will be streamers and pinatas made from paper mache'
They will have free balloons for everyone who stops by
A makeup booth to paint on the fake bruises and black eyes
A medical representative will available to check for rickets and lice
Free D-con samples to assist the residents to help them get rid of their rats and
The actual name of the place is The Hairy Pit Stop
Everything is at its lowest price when you purchase items from the trailer trash
gift shop
The line is growing on opening day, so is the impatience and frustration
The setup crew just installed the last brick for the foundation
There is a lot of different smells as they walk on past
Some come right back out after they see the sign that reads we only accept cash
I think I will go inside and have a look for myself
There is recycled disposable dinnerware on one of the shelves
I predict that this item will be
One of the biggest sellers because it is buy one hundred, get a hundred free
Ooh something just caught my eye, it is The Best of Trailer Trash As Seen On
This and so much more is available at the trailer trash gift shop

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