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Help Me Remember

When did it all end
Summer time out of school and summer best friends
Trying to swim in a creek with water only to your shins
Trips on Fridays, the whole family going to the Drive In
By eleven us kids asleep at last
Boy those times in our child hood were a blast
Asking Mom and Dad can a friend spend the night
Staying up to tell spooky stories to try to make one another die of fright
Breaking out the Monopoly for a marathon
While waiting for the original Saturday Night Live to come on
Followed by Don Kersinger's Rock Concert
Look back and help me remember
Making out, puppy love and those heartbreaking times
Big back pocket combs and feathered hair looking so fine
The clap on clap off seemed so clever
The Pacer ended up being a me own one the answer is never
The magic of those Christmas cartoons in December
Please let me know what you remember
A few laughs as I look back
Tye Dye Shirts, Kool Aid colored hair and Bell Bottom Slacks
Big Wheels and skate boards
No helmet or pads were worn
Getting cuts and scrapes were part of the fun
Always mad when the day is done
Waking up early for another adventure
I think it feels good for us to remember

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