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Once there was a girl. When she was a 4, her mother told her that she is incapable of speech as the doctor claimed so she chose not to speak all her life. She never uttered a single word; until her 18th birthday. A celebration was called for in honor of her 18th birthday. All the people invited are alien to her; they were all her mother’s friends. And then there came his pretty young woman. She approached the girl and invited her to talk, outside. The woman signaled for her to listen, for she will say only what needed to be said once. The girl nodded and the pretty woman started to talk. She talked and talked and talked and talked. It went on for hours and hours and hours and hours until the final guest arrived and her mothered motioned for her to bed. The pretty young woman smiled and offered to go with her to her bedroom. The girl was delighted. The pretty woman tucked the young girl into her bed and sat beside her the lying figure. Then she said

“I never said a single word, how did you hear me?”

The young girl only stared at the pretty woman. The woman smiled and said

“You never said a single word, why is it that I hear you?”

The young girl smiled and said

“You do not need a voice to be able to speak and be heard. You did not say a single word and yet you are the best speaker I’ve ever met.”

“So why is it that I do not hear you now that you are speaking aloud? It’s scary isn’t it? The way we hear only what we want to hear and we say only what we want to say. I heard you in the absence of your voice because your heart said the truth and now I do not hear you because you only said what I wanted to hear. You cannot speak because you speak the truth and now you can speak only because you lie.”

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