When Twinkie the Kid Battled Captain Cupcake | By: Eugene Carmen | | Category: Short Story - Funny Bookmark and Share

When Twinkie the Kid Battled Captain Cupcake

When this happened it caught the world off guard
An epic scene, a memory that you could not discard
Who would have guessed these two titans of obesity and tooth decay
Would break so many kid's hearts in such an upsetting way
The loving memories before this you could not forsake
The day Twinkie the Kid battled Captain Cupcake
Toucan Sam would choose sides and cross the line
Cap'n Crunch would throw a life line
Fruity Pebbles took one side and Trix Rabbit took the other
Aunt Jemima split sides with Uncle Ben her brother
Count Chocula severed ties with his long time friend Tony the Tiger of Frosted
Nobody realized how much trouble was started when Twinkie the Kid battled
Captain Cupcake
Now boast state their case in front of the FDA
This is to determine who goes and who stays
The Twinkie Kid tells about his spongy outside
Captain Cupcake fires back with his strip of white frosting on his topside
Captain Cupcake mumbles I bet you would get seasick
Twinkie the Kid hears and replies I know a rotund fella like you couldn't control a
lasso or perform horse riding tricks
In the end, they both reconcile and admit trying to outdo one another was a big
Generations down the road, history will repeat itself with a legendary battle of
belly busters between Twinkie the Kid and Captain Cupcake

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