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Today And What I Did

I had a nice crossaint and I split it open and dressed it with lettuce, tomato, and onion, with a little mayo and mustard. Then I piled it high with roast beef and turkey and salami and ham with pepperjack and colby and swiss cheese. I had a composed salad of French potato, green beans and tomato and feta as well as olives,hard boiled egg, and mixed greens with a vinageritte dressing. I had fresh fruit and berries with Creame Fresh and a spring water. then I went to the museum and afterward I visited the gorillas at the zoo. Kelly was glad to see me. It was a nice day. I forgot about everything and just enjoyed the day. I watched Julia Child when I got home and learned how to make a Queen Of Sheba Cake. I played with pepper my bird and we had a whisle contest and he won. Then I went to bed and dreamed a happy dream.
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