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Her Assets

Your walk is hurried, your look critical
For a woman your age, that is so typical
Your motto is live by the sword, die by the sword
You only practice this when you're bored
On your crazy days, you blame the heat
On your calm days, you just came off the streets
You are clever in your own pathetic way
Giving the boys just enough so they continue to play
Never giving them what they really want, just what they need
Some coke, a joint or a little speed
You stay out at night and sleep in the day
Twenty two and under you mold the boys like clay
Getting caught up in the moment brings out your wild side
You tell the boys, no cash, no go, no ride
Everything that goes up must come down
You make certain that every time your feet are planted safely on the ground
Your potential is there so you want to let it out
With the local boys, you carry all the clout
You use what you got, to pay for your desires
But as far as emotions go, there really is no fire
The sword has now been drawn and will be planted deep
I wonder how well you really sleep
I believe you have no regrets
You hide your liabilities and flaunt your assets
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