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Good Times Bar and Grill

Friends always seem to be drawn here every night
After a few shots, they start to get tight
Everyone has their usuals, a bar favorite, double Jack and Coke
They have a new drink called a Heat Stroke
In come the boys from the local BP
They just got off a hard ten hour shift, all sweaty and dirty
They claim their normal four tables against the far wall
As the door opens and shuts to the men's bathroom, the smell of urine is strong
from the stalls
There's a girl in the corner who just lit another cigarette
One more lit, a few more drags, one more minute closer to her death
Everyone continues to arty on strong
Outside the Blue Light Special is going on
It is a sight to see these bar philosophers get busted as they attempt to get
behind the wheel
This is an every night event at the Good Times bar and Grill
Six or seven cop cars lined up to give you a ride, but not to home
As you sober up with your buddies you won't be alone
But how will you explain this is it needs to be
Your spouse probably will not be happy
As you get home your significant other gives you a cold chill
This isn't your first experience and won't be your last, the end results are always
the same at the Good Times Bar and Grill

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