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Mr. Turducken

I have toured the country from North to South and East to West
People's patience with me has always been a test
I am called for year around
In an environment with intense heat, I tan to a nice golden brown
In a freezing climate, I have pale, smooth skin
Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Mr. Turducken
I am famous and world renown
From the big cities to the littlest of hick towns
In the oven or in a turkey fryer to cook
I am now the king and queen of the recipe books
I am always quiet, no gobble gobble, quack quack not even some cluckin'
Try me once and you will be hooked, for I am Mr. Turducken
Do I need to be seasoned, please add if you choose
But I have a natural flavor, you not want to lose
I go well with any side dish
I come plentiful, so eat all you wish
After a few chunks of me, your shirt you will no longer be able to tuck in
I am not with Jenny Craig, you won't find a diet menu with Mr. Turducken
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