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Ghetto Rap

This is a life I've gotten used to
Last night someone stole my shoes
My life has been miserable all the way around
It's a stereo with no speakers, which means no sound
Everyone here inherits the same habits
Drugs, teenage pregnancy, it mass produces like rabbits
Once you are born here, you are trapped
There is only one thing you know, it's the ghetto rap
You want some Black Label on ice
Instead a double shot of Jack, so you pay for it twice
There no way to cool your ice tea
Take a look around, no trace of a family tree
The cops know where you live, they need no map
Come on and experience the ghetto rap
From the Barrios to Danny Thomas Blvd
Nothing comes easy here, so you live life hard
All you can do, is try to keep it real
What isn't bolted down, you have to steal
As you enter the stage, your ticket out, no one claps
Until they experience the ghetto rap
There is so much more that could go on
Like that letter you received entitled Dear John
Always go down fighting, the only way to go
Who will be the deliverer and bring the next generation out of the ghetto
The government don't care it's up to you
They bribe the babies having babies with food stamps and a tax payers dollar or
They encourage you to continue to eat the bait in the government's trap
It is all part of a conspiracy called the ghetto rap

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