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Pork Skins

Some people eat them plain, some with hot sauce
They buy no matter what the cost
They have swept the nation, have become a craze
If not on the shelves, customers call it a disgrace
It is said that gluttony is a sin
But no one cares, they just want their pork skins
Someone said with soy sauce they are pretty good
A new flavor coming out soon, smoked over hickory wood
Try them with jalepeno and cheddar dip
KC Masterpiece may be the trick
So I say let the party begin
Can't have a party without pork skins
The skins finally arrive
The party comes alive
The girls flock around the designated potato chip bowl
They begin to fight over the contents, this party is way out of control
After the bruises, bloody noses and broken bones, the last one standing wins
For the victor comes the spoils, her own bowl of pork skins
This here was a limited time offer
The victor just happened to be a sailor's daughter
Keep in mind that we are from the south
We are extremely careful what kinds of food we put in our mouths
The stores just can't keep them on the shelves
If I could, I would have them all to myself
In Laura Ingalls' days they were served in a tin
Even Laura couldn't go without her pork skins
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