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Society Is wrong Sometimes

The word destiny is mispelled. I am still on course and headed where I choose to go.
I am captain of my fate. My plane is sailing to the outer limits of this world. Where
it ends up landing is somewhere beyond time and space.
Twinkle , twinkle , little star , where I wander only you will know.
Far beyond what I see now is where I am headed for.
Know more suffering or pain. Someday I will be at peace. Knowone trying to
make me something I don't want to be. I will be able to be who I am. I will love
the way my heart was meant to love and I don't have to please anyone except myself.
To hell with society and social norm. Many times society has been wrong.Thank the
ones who stood up against it until it saw that it was wrong. Deviates have a purpose
and they are who change social norm when it is wrong.
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