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I hate you

I hate you; I hate you for tying me with blissful silk threads of your presence that can’t breath without inhaling your thought in me
I hate you, for leaving those subtle notes of odor of your presence on my bed linen, on blue cushion and on the left collar of my white shirt…
I hate the texture of your skin still felt in my fingers
I hate you for letting me once more inhale the passion of desire inside me when I was least anticipating it
I hate you to give me those forgotten butterflies in belly, thinking may be you miss me too
I hate you for making me feel the sensuality of being woman again…
I knew you will torture me you said that to, but the morning we didn’t even had anything unusual happening, you looked deep in my eyes, and I just got shaken seeing that how badly you wanted me… is this for what you conquered me for?
I hate you being unusually warm I just cant get that warmth out of my skin, it shivers in me… and I want to see you before the warmth burns me, or colds my sensibilities… I hate you…
And I m loving these 20 days being tortured to see you again

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