Love is Gone | By: Thomas James Malache | | Category: Short Story - Depressing Bookmark and Share

Love is Gone

I hate you as far as i can me
Your so Blind
And all this time
Has trailed like a speeding car
With death into this tree
So much went wrong
Falling for so long
Never realizing the rushing wind
was never a breeze
Why should i have thought it was
Is as much a mystery to you as me
Falling down
Falling Down
Until hard realization forced my breath
out of my chest
and the broken ribs made it hard to breathe
but you didnt care
i looked up and you were never there
just me
with this broken mess
repenting is for people who never confess
I Havent moved
for the longest time
Too many sunrises remembering your name
Thinking and wishing i might wake up
God i couldnt be anymore lame
But i cant express how empty this has made me feel
How destroyed and desolate my heart within
Ive guarded my wounds for far too long
Now theres no chance of anyone coming in
I guess i should have gotten up
dusted myself off and carried on
but our memories will always haunt me
Even though all your love is gone
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